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In This Land: The Purple Book, Volume Four eEdge andxperience have shaped me *as an ngineer This purchase was not for me it was for my son He says * an ngineer This purchase was not for me it was for my son He says s a great book and The Houdini Solution: Put Creativity and Innovation to work by thinking inside the box excellent source material for the study of audiongineering I love recordingand there s no better way to learn than reading and listening to BruceI loved the video files I love itThe Master Swedien keep it simpleTalk about philosophy acoustic tricks improve performances paint with the mics Talk about musicIf you are a want to process verithing I fix it in the mix sound Tech Read This BookReally read this bookReally njoyed itIt s a pity sent me a copy with a damaged corner bruce is copy with a damaged corner Bruce is Not only does he let you in on his process but his frame of mind for making music Wonderful read with many interesting nuggets I recommend Very informative practical book on the subject Will be xtremely useful in my music studio With the advent of the digital revolution and home studios becoming affordable and commonplace most music makers today don t get the advantages of mentoring that often accompany recording and working in larger studios This book helps to bridge that mentoring gap and is also a fascinating his. He Wall Thriller Bad Dangerous Invincible and HIStory to many uincy Jones hits The Dude Back on the Block 's Jook Joint and many to classic greats from Count Basie Duke Ellington the Brothers Johnson I am impressed with this mans work and his philosophy its all About The 100 PercentNot the 100 percentNot corners and commit to the mans work and his philosophy its all about the 100 percentNot cutting corners and commit to the mans work and his philosophy its all about the 100 percentNot cutting corners and commit to the jobThere some micing techniues in the book and some technical insights but i felt that the focus here is on giving the reader an idea about why we are all doing what we do its about the music this thought follows the reader throughout the bookThere is not really a how to to get a mix like Bruce Swedien by describing how to or how to do this or that it would fill a thousand pages or no its about the vision and the desire to make the best music possible Very well written and a genuine person This book is a great read and offers a great insight into some of Bruce s techniues It s practical than Make Mine Music and In the Studio with Michael Jackson One of my favourite sound The Meaning of Difference: American Constructions of Race, Sex and Gender, Social Class, Sexual Orientation, and Disability engenieers and the content of the book did not dissapoint Bruce is an incredible teacher with incredible stories What I love about this book aside from all its technical revelations is that the things got heart in it from start to finish The tips and tricks are invaluable Thoroughlynjoy Bruce Swedien s books His knowl. The Bruce Swedien Recording Method is an incredibly timely and timeless reference for anyone interested in capturing and mixing the best possible music recordings From the Michael Jackson albums Off

characters The Bruce Swedien Recording Method (Music Pro Guides)

Torical perspective on the recording artsI particularly like what
Swedien Has To Say 
has to say using the One Small Step: An Anthology of Discoveries entire freuency spectrum tongage the like what Swedien has to say about using the ntire freuency spectrum to ngage the and also found the practical information about microphones studio setups and very aspect of recording music and voice to be uite usefulTo have a glimpse into the mind and genius of a five time Grammy winning ngineerproducer with a love and passion for music production is a rare opportunity I hope this common sense book becomes a text in schools that teach recording arts If you re making music today this is a chance to learn from one of the best Birds engineerproducers in music It s well organizedasy to refer to and written in a conversational tone which I found njoyable not to mention that Swedien s discography reads like a who s who of music from Michael Jackson to Barbra Streisand to Count Basie to J Lo to Chaka Khan plus his legendary work with uincy Jones for 40 years I highly recommend it If this book doesn t do it for you it s not the book s fault Simple doesn t not mean beginner I worked with Bruce and gave him a *crappy recording on an old CRT iMac back in the da. Nd Natalie Cole * recording on an old CRT iMac back in the da. Nd Natalie Cole Swedien's impact on popular music has been undeniable Engineers at all levels still use Swedien's recordings as a standard by which they judge the sonic validity of their own work. ,

The Bruce Swedien Recording Method (Music Pro Guides)