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Ell and makes them feel real It ust a Few Pages You Feel Like pages you feel like know these characters They don t seem one dimensional It s fascination with size but not done in a dirty way It s like a love story about two people are sort freakishly big who find each other That s the feeling I gotI d never heard of this artist before I don t regret buying it and would recommend it to others who are interested in this same genre it to others who are interested in this same genre premier tome 220 pagesLe second tome 180 pagesLe troisi me 60 pages Et bien entendu toujours le m me prix 20e en Europe 23 en FranceDe ui se moue t on Le prochain tome fera 20 pages 60 pages ce prix l fuyez Peu habitu ce genre de litt rature ou plut t de bande dessin e fa on manga dit Yaoi مختار الأحاديث النبوية والحكم المحمدية j ai t fortement tonn de la ualit de ce pav de 160 pages en format souple aux pages luxueusement dit esL auteur Song ui est chinois et nonaponais s inspire au travers de cette fiction de personnages et de l gendes de sa mythologie pour tisser son intrigueLa morale de ce premier tome ui sera suivi d un second en pr commande sur et ui sortira en novembre Big is Better 2 est bas sur le postulat de la compl mentarit entre deux personnes totalement diff rentes ue rien au d part ne pr destinait se rencontrerBien entendu l ouvrage n est pas mettre entre toutes les mains puisue destin un public adulte mais ce ui tonne par rapport d autres Yaoi c est u ici le dessin os ui est toujours bien fait ne vient u en appui d une histoire bien ficel e et de dialogues tout de m me au dessus de la ceintureEn bref un bon d but pour s initier ce genre. Big boys are finally about to get intimate This is the third volume of Song's epic lovestory BIG IS BETTER This time in full color.

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Big is Better 3La storia molto bella e sono piacevolmente colpito dal fatto che abbiano colorato il fumettoSono per scontento del fatto che il formato sia leggermente rimpicciolito rispetto i primi due e che abbiano modificato l aspetto di un personaggio togliendogli i capelli a cresta ed i tatuaggi LOVE IT AND THE ARTISTS PORTRAITS I certainly like Big Is Better as will YOU IF THE BASIC PREMISE APPEALS A SMALL GUY if the basic premise appeals a small guy one outsize feature it s in his pants on his 19th birthday meets a huge 27 year old bodybuilding hunk who wants to give him a present to remember There Are Shades Of Gulliver About The Idea shades of Gulliver about the idea given an erotic treatment in comic form by Milo Manera in Gullivera but for a straight readership Then there are also the amazing gay comics of Iceman Blue which also cover the theme on a fantastical scale This new book is not as extreme as that a small Gulliver maybe it remains within the realm of what s actually possible ust It s dirty and has pathos at the same time the combination works very well Both characters are set up as outsider figures rejected by others and it creates a strange tender atmosphere The text has uite a few Typos But This Doesn but this doesn detract from your enjoyment of what is a lust filled encounter oddly naive On closer reflection though I don t think it really compares with the best in the genre for me Julius The Hun Zack Etienne Rolando Merida Valentine Rex Josman Michael Broderick or Ralf Konig or the one off Brad Parker or Teddy of Paris not forgetting the immense Tom of Finland but perhaps some of these who If there was ever a single defining moment when muscle giant Samson cast his lifelong spell on super endowed Amish boy Peter it was. Re overlooked may at some point reach a wider readership Their books are incredible and getting a new one is always a red letter day never to be forgotten There s so much that gets bypassed in this genre as historically is made clear by the fantastic OutLines book and its seuel Lust Unearthed by Thomas Waugh These artists are often kept in the shadows in spite of their prodigious talents and are only taken up by small publishers if at all in the case of Someone Like Franco Even like Franco even are only taken up by small publishers if at all in the case of someone like Franco even if is very specialised and subversive It is really they who ustify the claim of the comic genre to be the ninth art form there is genuine passion for life real pleasure in the image within their pages If The Arabian Nights can be considered a timeless classic why not these books as well really in the gay canon In comparison sci fi fantasy seems much limited even that of an acknowledged master like Moebius although Claire Bretecher is right up there too At all events Bruno Gmunder have made an invaluable contribution to publishing this kind of thing and of their comic artists Zack and Rex if you include him in the genre stand as supreme examples of how potent these fantasies can be bien great comic The story based on attraction of two guys who are big in different ways One is a huge muscular guy and another a slim guy who s huge in the trouser department I saw in book in bookshop and loved the artwork so decided I have to buy it I saved some money buying it from The artist really captures the facial expressions and feelings of the characters really Right here in this book After the astonishing demonstration of Sam's herculean strength and his miraculous pec ejaculation our two. ,

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