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Thers I was really bored during multiple episodes where all the people of the town or all the My school library back in primary school had this book and it was one of my absolute favourite books I think I must have taken it out about once every 6 months on average Then I left primary school and somehow didn t think about it in years When my grandparents died I inherited their copy of the book but ust never got around to rereading it #All In All I #in all I it s been 15 20 years since I read it lastSomehow I got thinking about it recently and got an urge to reread it I was a tiny bit reluctant to start as I wondered if it could at all live up to my expectations Not all books can stand the test of time and be eually as good at age 33 as at age and be eually as good at age 33 as at age However I really wanted to read it out loud to my nieblingsAnd fortunately it turned out that The Wind on the Moon is ust as good at age 33 as at age 10 and I loved every. E are behaving well some grown up person says we are really uite bad It's difficult to tell which

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which Sure enough mischievous sisters soon convince a udge that minds must be changed as often as socks stage an escape from the local zoo thanks to a witch's potion which turns them into kan. ,
Minute of rereading it The edition I ve gotten hold of has been translated by ueen Margrethe II and I must say she s done a TERRIFIC Something Wicked job Nothing shows a translators faults or linguistic mistakes in general as clearly as reading the book aloud and her languageust flows and makes it a delight to readIt s wonderfully gratifying to revisit a childhood favourite and still find it worthy of your love I read this firstly when I was in my last year in Junior school I absolutely loved it then When I met my now husband I found out he had read it in school and loved it too so we bought a copy and read it again It had lost none of its charm and we both really enjoyed it despite being in our twenties I would urge any parent or teacher to encourage children to read this book which is clever bewitching and very funny PS I bought a first edition of The Wind on the Moon for my husband for a special Birthday He was delighted. Garoos and in the company of a golden puma and silver falcon set off to rescue their father from the tyrant of Bombardy A tale of hilarity and adventure The Wind on Moon is also a work of high seriousness; after all life without freedom as the valiant clear is a poor poor thi. The Wind on the MoonI read this out loud to my kiddos and we really enjoyed it Even my 7 year old begged to listen to it They giggled a lot and enjoyed trying to see if they could figure out the mysteries or figure out how they would get out of certain situations An enjoyable thing to read all together Another great title from this excellent series put out by the NY Review of BooksThis starts off a bit stodgy and it feels as if it started as one of those tell me astory Daddy things that somehow in the 30s and 40s got turned into booksDon t try that today it won t work But the two heroines are engaging real funnyand brave Their But the two heroines are engaging real funnyand brave Their fall into two #Distinct Stories One In A Zoo And The Otherin Mittel #stories one in a zoo and the otherin Mittel where they rescue their father from a dungeon A pair of Crimean Warsappers make a zany but amusing appearance and all ends well For me this book was a hodgepodge of different tones and manners Some work uite better than Winner of the Carnegie Medal In the English village of Midmeddlecum Major Palfrey asks his two daughters to behave themselves while he is off at war Sighs Dinah I think that we are uite likely to be bad however hard we try not to be and her sister Dorinda adds helpfully Very often when we think