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The author was certainly a great adventurer but don "t expect great insights in to a lost age This is no Bill Bryson A story of woman who "expect great insights in to a lost age This is no Bill Bryson A story of woman who across Soviet Union republics like Turkestan It shows culture and relations in this part of world Si dovrebbe sempre avere in viaggio e non la capacit della Maillart di adattarsi agli imprevisti semplicemente mutando strada come un corso d acua che incontri un ostacolo I am fascinated by travelers in hardship perhaps because it is so alien to my nature Ella Maillart traveling in 1932 in what is now "Uzbekistan And Tajikistan Endures Desert "and Tajikistan endures desert meager rations

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uncertainty Her is remarkable and she is among a very few women who ventured alone The narrative is part travel part history Slow reading and badly needs photog. Ella Maillart travels to Russian Turkestan which the Soviet revolutionaries are attempting to westernize On horseback she crosses Kirghizstan as far as the T'ie.

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Des monts Célestes aux sables RougesOurney is the Soviet Republics during the 5 "year plan truly amazing book tales of a "plan Truly amazing book tales of a unkieMost people travel to get somewhere in order to do something pilgrims businessmen vacationers academics photographers But there are a "few who travel for the pure pleasure of travelling Eva Maillart seems to have been one of "who travel for the pure pleasure of travelling Eva Maillart seems to have been one of She travelled through Central Asia in the early 1930s coping with Soviet bureaucracy no transportation except horses camels or donkeys no hotels freezing temperatures scarce supplies and rampant insect life She loved it Though she may have had the lame excuse that she was a reporter and wished to learn of local conditions as a traditional society was transformed under Russian pressure basically she ust wanted to go Being There was the name of her game Tho. And travels down the Amu Daria On a camel and in glacial winds she crosses solo the Desert of Red Sands to the east of the Aral Sea avoiding dangerous checkpoin. ,
Raphs some of which you can vi I would not call it a prep book for my impending trip to Asia as I ll have a chef to cook us meals but it is an insightful book into the lifes of people in 1930s Central Asia The special touch of early Soviet era and its 5 year plans is a bonus The Courage That Woman Had that woman had astounding And the misery of lives around her I am completely addicted to Ella Maillart and I like her way "Of Travelling Observing And "travelling observing and her feedback Pictures of this lost world are amazing Highly recommend I loved this She is amazing and the ourney is very interesting Her handy sleeping bag willingness to sleep anywhere and interviews and discussions with a wide range of people results in a truly amazing travelogue Her voice could be any travel blogger today but her N Shan range the Celestial Mountains With makeshift skis she climbs a mountain of 5000 metres on the Chinese border She explores Tashkent Samarkand and Bokhara. .
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