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Ans Messer geliefert gAnd his thoughts as a belief in and acceptance of that love Or as someone who fears loneliness and understands it all too well I can see it the other way No oneets the kind of love *they need and every one of the characters oes on suffering in the same closed circle and in *need and every one of The Characters Goes On Suffering characters oes on suffering the same closed circle and in end everything is the same and everyone is lonely and in pain But I choose not to Why do people have to be this lonely What s the point of it all Millions of people in this world all of them yearning looking to others to satisfy them yet isolating themselves Why Was the Earth put here just to nourish human loneliness I think that it s Behind the Beautiful Forevers good for such a story as this one to have an euivocal open for interpretation finale I think that the choice it reuires of us resembles the choice we might have to make when our own personal stories our concerned Does others loneliness or lack of one make our own or less bearable Or maybe it does both To what extent and in what way lonelinesshappiness is a choice I think it challanges us to try understanding better the nature of our own state of mind our life our ways our own view of the worldI wanted to write a real review but so far I can t Yet I did not want to leave the first Japanese novel I had ever read and what a novel that was without some acknowledgement before sayingoodbye I imagined that those four stars while waiting for me to come up with the substantial review I dream of would feel awfully lonely on their own It was a very evocative novel beautiful touching real I will certainly Come Back To Haruki MurakamiRead back to Haruki MurakamiRead 1 My sixth MurakamiAbout three fourths of the way through the book the magical realism kicks in We have a woman who has an experience where she sees herself on the other side There is also a disappearing woman in a situation where it is impossible for her to disappear a tiny Greek island no well to fall into a tiny town only accessible by ferry Ome prima studente poi maestro elementare È innamorato di una sua coetanea Sumire una ragazza con il mito di Kerouac e della enerazione beat Sumire però non lo ricambia lo accetta come amico e confidente ma niente sesso Lei è invece innamorata di un'altra donna Myu un'imprenditrice uarantenne di origine coreana bellissima e affascinante Solo che anche Myu pur attratta da Sumire non vuole concretizzare in a il loro sentimento Non vuole o non può c'è ualcosa di misterioso nel suo passato che le impedisce di amare che la separa dal mondo E cosí i destini dei nostri tre. ,

I sat down to read Sputnik Sweetheart
The *night David Bowie 
*night david bowie it was a humidstill *David Bowie died It was a humidstill January night where you knew sleep would not come easily My partner less accomodating of the heat than I am nevertheless went to bed around 11 leaving me to late night reading Unusually for suburbia the only sounds were the crickets chirping their mid summer thrum a white noise innocuous and soothing It was a sombre evening and so it and I felt Murakami like Lost Sputnik Sweetheart is one of the few Murakami novels I had yet to read Soon I would have no Murakami yet to discover if you can ever discover any new Murakami after reading only one of his novels each being part of a Venn diagram with a multitude of overlaps much like my memory of the cover of Colourless Tsukuru As the night wore on I read of K the typical Murakami protagonist and his friend Sumira who he met at university They shared a bond as they were both outsiders who read voraciously Sumira was named after a character in a Mozart song a beautiful song with what Samira felt were ugly lyrics This irked her Why would her mother name her after a character in an ugly story Sumira meets Miu a successful business woman at a wedding and falls in love with her Miu recognises somethi SPOILERSShe said I really wanted to see you When I couldn t see you any I realized that It was as clear as if the planets all of a sudden lined up in a row for me I really need you You re a part of me I m a part of youHe thought We re both looking at the same moon in the same world We re connected to reality by the same line All I have to do is uietly draw it towards meI might be doing a disservice to Haruki Murakami with my attitude but the desperate romantic in me romantic in a fluffy and nausea causing way cursed with unhealthily and unreasonably optimistic nature just cannot help but seeing her words as a confession of the love he longs for so much. Myu è una donna matura sposata molto ricca e molto bella Sumire ama Myu come non ha amato mai nessun ragazzo E Myu parrebbe corrispondere ma uno schermo invisibile sembra separarla dal sesso e forse dal mondo Riusciranno le due donne a intrecciare i loro destini Oppure il loro incontro si disperderà senza lasciare traccia come il famoso satellite russo finito a vagare nello spazio per l'eternità Con uesto nuovo romanzo Murakami scrive una storia d'a misteriosa in bilico fra realismo uotidiano e inuietante trasfigurazione oniricaLa storia ce la racconta un iovane senza スプートニクの恋人 [Supūtoniku no Koibito]

Haruki Murakami ´ 3 review

Drowned body would wash up The story is told from the points of view of two young people a male teacher and a female would be author He loves her but she is in love with an older woman This is why she writes On a day to day basis I use writing to figure out who I am And In order for me to think about something I have to first put it into writing A couple of passages that I liked Remove everything pointless from an imperfect life and it d lose even its imperfections She scrutinized me for a while like I was some machine run by a heretofore unheard of power source It s a New Art of Cookery: A Spanish Friar's Kitchen Notebook by Juan Altamiras good story The structure of the book is a lot like that of Norwegian Wood A young man loves a young woman but she is out of reach for some reason There s a lesbian sub story in both books The man also finds himself attracted to the older woman in each story Syros Island photo from fanpopcom Don tet me wrong I don t think this is by any chance a bad book My low rating can be easily explained by the fact that I ve already read too much Murakami I used to like him uite a lot but come on doesn t he The Dead Duke, His Secret Wife, and the Missing Corpse get tired of writing the same book over and over again Let me show you the pattern A simpleuy who likes to 1cook 2listen to musicread books 3 think about the meaning of life meets an ordinary 聖☆おにいさん 3 girl who turns out to be totally extraordinary whichets her into trouble soon after the uy falls for her The uy tries to save her from something predictably dark but fails The ending is usually bleak and confusing Doesn t it all sound familiar to *you experienced Murakami readersSo if Sputnik Sweetheart was the first Murakami book I d ever read I d most definitely *experienced Murakami readersSo if Sputnik Sweetheart was the first Murakami book I d ever read I d most definitely head over heels for it right now But after Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World Norwegian WoodKafka on the Shore The Wind up Bird Chronicle etc Sputnik
Sweetheart Just Falls Naturally 
just falls naturally the plain old of the same category and never moves me like I expected. Protagonisti si inseguono senza mai congiungersi vagano nello spazio e nel tempo come un satellite alla deriva per l'eternitàCon uesto suo nuovo libro Murakami ha scritto un vero romanzo d'a Ma un a che sembra non appartenere a uesto mondo I personaggi sono vivissimi riconoscibili capaci di suscitare Summerland grandi emozioni nel lettore ma a un certo punto attraversano territori paranormali o onirico fantastici dove ci si può ritrovare o perdere definitivamente E il loroirotondo amoroso lascia ogni caratterizzazione uotidiana per diventare un punto di spaesamento e di inuietudin. .

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