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O be strictly politically motivated I found that strikingthose few current events ssues were the exception few current events ssues were the exception I think the majority of this work s timeless n reflecting the myriad ways large and small that racism shapes the American experience This book really gives the reader a first person perspective on how racism operates and how prejudice feels The metaphor that really stuck with me was footwear Terkel uotes Chicago nsurance man Joseph Latti Being black n America s like being forced to wear ll fitting shoes Some people adjust to t It s always uncomfortable on your feet but you ve got to wear A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, it becauset s the only shoe you ve got Some people can bear the uncomfort than others Some people can block The Shadow Reader it from their minds some can t When you see some acting docile and some acting militant they have one thingn common the shoe Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies is uncomfortable It s always thereAn eye opening book Well worth your time Watching Friends has almost certainly made me a worse personn every way but I would probably never

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picked up book f I hadn t noticed Ross reading t at one point So I guess The Power Of A Choice it was wortht I wish Studs Terkel were still alive so he could re nterview the people featured n this book Some thought racial ssues were getting better at the time 1990 and some thought they were getting worse It would be nteresting to see what they d say about the past ten years. L's mother are among those whose voices appear The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right in Race In all nearly one hundred Americans talk openly about attitudes that few are willing to admitn public feelings about affirmative action gentrification secret prejudices and dashed hopes.

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Race How Blacks and Whites Think and Feel About the American ObsessionDia and establishment figures treat the public like we are too stupid to understand anything I think the books that Studs Terkel put together over his long career prove this notion wrong Regular people know the score And f you can get them to let their defenses down and open up Terkel s greatest skill you will get Monsieur Pain insightsnto the human condition that no PhD s dissertation would ever revealAnother thing I like about the books by Studs Terkel from The Good War to Hard Times to this book s the wide variety of perspectives that he brings together Over the course of a book you get the point of view of hundreds of different people all talking about the same subject When you come at an ssue from so many directions you end up getting a really comprehensive well rounded understandingThis book wasn t strictly a pleasure read It took some persistence to push all the way through but t was a rewarding and educational journey well worth the effortSome things that really reflected the anxieties of the time this book was written around 1990 kept coming up Many nterviewees mention affirmative action Many many mentioned Louis Farrakhan than ever would have today He was obviously having uite a moment n the spotlight during the late 80s early 90s Also many people n this book had a sense that open racism was staging a comeback under Ronald Reagan Far too many people talked about that for t Y of the thoughts Ronald Reagan Far too many people talked about that for t Y of the thoughts emotions of both blacks and white uncovering a fascinating narrative of changing opinions Preachers and street punks college students and Klansmen nterracial couples the nephew of the founder of Apartheid And Emmett Til. and Emmett Til.

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