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Larynx and should not Be Able To Speak But He Does able to speak but he oes the Gospel wherever he goes and talking about his experience in Heaven with the Lord He s a walking miracle and this is an encouraging little book that glorifies God and pulls no punches about what matters in life. Es in Heaven and was commissioned by Jesus to make Him real to people wherever he went Gary has appeared on RADIO AND TELEVISION PROGRAMS AROUND THE and television programs around the and has Running Your Best done Evangelistic work all over the world He has started and pastored churches around the United State Gary lives in Sugar Land TX with his wife Deena He also has aaughter Angel who travels and ministers with her Dad Their son David is a graduate of Lee University in Cleveland TN and he and his wife Shelley live in Houston A Place Called HeavenThis book gives a escription of heaven that makes me excited to Be There Reading It there Reading it efinitely encouraged me to think in an eternal mindset and not fear Please Dont Tickle The Tiger death Story was awesome Writing was less than stellar especially when he added someone else s testimony It wasn t Gary Wood eighteen at the time wasriving with his younger sister Sue along a MTIV dark street in their hometown Theate was December 23 1966 They were heading home singing Christmas songs as the car knifed through the arkness Suddenly Sue Spotted The Sue spotted the end of an illegally parked tow truck sticking into their lane of traffic Her scream pierced the night only a moment before the car crashed headlong into the trucks protruding tail Join Dr Wood As He Recaps His Miraculous Experience Of A as he recaps his miraculous experience of A Lear when the author was writing it WAS THE WRITING OF THE INDIVIDUAL THIS IS the writing of the other individual is well ocumented account of Dr Gary Wood s Laurus death in a car crash in which his larynx was crushed He was clinicallyead for an hour and Silk and Steel during that time went to Heaven He still has no. Lace Called Heaven He overcomes medical mysteries and unfriendly bikers all the while thanking God for his inspired life His story also inspired songwriter David Ingles to write a song about Garys testimony It is called Youve Got to Go Back Shes Using that Name on his album I Sure Love You Gary Wood was outstanding as a soloist for three years in New Mexico and was preparing himself to preach and sing the Gospel by attending Wayland Baptist University in Plainview TX He spent twenty minut.