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Cross posted at Shelf Inflicted and at Outlaw Reviews Criss Cross is the second story in the Psy Cop series Once again a well written fun fast paced and suspenseful story told from Victor s perspective On a fishing trip with his former partner Maurice Vic discovers that a fishing trip with his former partner Maurice Vic discovers that ability to see and communicate with the dead is amplified when he sees dead faces in the water Meanwhile his former partner Lisa informs Jacob that Vic is in danger and Vic wants to figure out why he is scratching Jacob Vic needs answers from Lisa but she is in a training center in California for Psychics And Is Unreachable So and is unreachable So asks his new partner Roger to take him to California What a ride This is a very satisfying and engaging story that blends elements of mystery suspense and romance The reader is iven a little background about Victor s past and it is easy to understand why he behaves the way he does Jacob is really showing what a sensitive and fiercely protective The Art of Gothic: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting guy he can be It is so obvious that he loves Vic and is willing toive him the time he needs to trust in their relationship The sex scenes are hot sweet and emotionally intense 4 starsReview completed January 5 2014I m Im Zeichen der Triskele: Ein Bretagne-Krimi going to make it short and sweet This installment opens up with Vic and his former partner Maurice fishing Vic is a little bitrossed out I looked down at the hook Maurice had suished a worm onto it A worm spirit didn t appear and immediately start telling me about the moment of its death so I presumed I was safe from the spirits of bugs But then it moved and I realized it was still alive Gross And when the conversation drifts toward him and Jacob hitting it off Vic doesn t feel so peachy any Good ole Vic has uite some hangups and it s tough for him to come out to his former partner Plus when poor Vic is haunted by images of dead people floating in the water he s definitely close to freaking out Good thing Jacob can make him feel better later on Your eyes were half open but they were fixed not movingOh That must ve been really attractive Good thing anything paranormal ugly or not makes Jacob horny Mmm yeahSpeaking of dirty Jacob s a talker And keeping my mouth full of cck has the added bonus of me not having to answer him Not that the words aren t sexy as hell I just worry that I ll sound like an idiot if I m the one saying themYou should ve come on me he said I don t know how he can look me in the eye and just say that Even with the drugs it wasn t anything I could speak out loud You d look hot really hot Vic likes to do static surfingpetsGhostsI think Vic doesn t even know what a hoot he actually is Love his endearingly deadpan humor Oh and how he *S Plowing Through Dead People *plowing through dead people his car is just too funny for words Sheesh he s driving through them like a knife cuts through a piece of cake Easy peasy Well they are dead there s no resistance any Vic has than a couple hangups I hope he s oing to lose his self conscious attitude On the other hand it s than sexy to have one hot self assured stud loosening up a somewhat uptight Vic Vic s anxiety about basement laundry rooms is kinda endearing and sweet though I must say that the villain was pretty easy to figure out in this installment This being said it didn t detract from my overall enjoyment of the story I met Crash for the first time He s an irritating ass albeit a very interesting one and I d love to see of himI was asking my friend WHEN they would do the deed I know I know I was a little bit impatient but my nagging has been rewarded with a hot shower scene Holy cow I m lad they did it under a nice water jet because they could cool off without combusting in the first place Or elsehmmI could have hosed them down That would have been fun tooRecommended readhttpbababooklikescom I liked this series from book 1 and each one just escalates in uality as I read through to GhosTV I finished it in one day and it s been years since I liked a novel that well The series combines some of my favorite things strong main characters and supporting cast mystery and police procedural Add to that the fascinating world of psychic phenomena and you De obotliga optimisternas klubb get a truly irresistible set of stories from a talented writer I m on my way to buy the remaining books which I will clearly ration my reading of in a responsible Criss Cross finds thehosts surrounding Victor etting awfully pushy The medications that Victor usually takes to control his abilities are threatening to destroy his liver and his new meds aren't any.

Criss Cross

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Vic face to face with an entirely different kind of of specter Jacob s Ex Boyfriend dramatic music plays Crash the punked out no nonsense healer isa Kind of an assholeb Doesn t believe Vic is an actual Mediumc Vic s only hope if he wants the hosts to o away without drugsOn top of all that Vic is trying to wrap his brain around *The Multitude Of Changes In His LifeNew BoyfriendNew DoctorNew Uncool *multitude of changes in his lifeNew BoyfriendNew DoctorNew Uncool PartnerNew swarming host problemJust another day in the life of a PsyCopUntil Lisa Vic s former partner starts calling him from her PsyTraining facility and warning him not to trust anyone Even JacobThis installment of the series layered in uite a bit suspense which was lovely I m also appreciating the dynamic between Vic and Jacob as I see of their relationship unfolding I d definitely like to see info on relationship unfolding I d definitely like to see info on Maybe some backstory Hey I ve Code Name: Silence got the whole series ahead of me I m sure I llet oodles info on both my Und Schuf Mir Einen Götzen: Lehrjahre Eines Kommunisten guys I m off to read the next bookREAD ALL MY REVIEWS IN THIS SERIESI ll update the list as additional books are published01 Inside Out Read my Review here1 Among the Living Read my Review here11 Thaw Read my Review here2 Criss Cross Read my Review here21 Striking Sparks Read my Review here22 Many Happy Returns Read my Review here23 Mind Reader Read my Review here3 Body and Soul Read my Review here31 The Stroke of Midnight Read my Review here4 Secrets Read my Review here5 Camp Hell Read my Review here6 GhosTV Read my Review here61 In the Dark Read my Review here7 Spook Suad Read my Review here WellI m officially addicted I ll have to save reading this series during the day because if the other books are like the first two they are on the creepy side Adult review for erotic content uestion of the Day What IS PsyCop thinkingthinkingthinkingpause thinking to crunch on an old leftover candy canestill thinkingYou know it beats me Is there a category for mm romance with both a suspense and an urban fantasy bent that features a drug using psychic who uses his talents to sensehosties for the police Is there I don t know Talk about a hodgepodge of stuff oing on up in this place I liked Criss Cross better than the first book short novella The previous installment in the series did have a very hot smut scene up against a lass window but this time around the author managed to Margery Meets the Roses get right to theood stuff without making me sit through a lot of character background and police procedure Given that it had been a while since I d read number 1 I didn t feel lost which was a nice surprise Remember earlier in the week when I read that scary pirate rape story and complained that nothing really happened other than a lot of scary pirate rape I am happy to report that there are authors out there who know how to pack in a story which has a little bit of everything into a small amount of spaceThere Was ChemistryActionMysteryPsychic Crime FightingSmutand humor I loved Vic s musings This is a shorter story so there s not much else to add to the review without making it as long as the story itself I ll leave you with this scene which made me smile She slipped a pamphlet into my hands On the cover was a triangle with a rainbow inside and I nearly spewed the bagel the nurse had iven me How d she know I was ay It was the blowjob They d found traces of semen in my mouth Oh od I was so fired And then I d lose my health coverage and then my liver would explodeIn addition to changing the meds you ll have to start watching your diet she saidI stared at herThe USDA modified the food pyramid to reflect their most recent uidelines she said as I scrambled to figure out what my diet had to do with being ueer Chance pointed at the pamphlet You ll note there s no donut The NIGHT. Erotischer Roman group And no coffeeroup either Limit coffee to one cup a day Two at the mostI looked down at the pamphlet and read the title My Pyramid Plan A Guide to Healthy Eating 45 starsOkay it s official I love this series This review will be short and sweet because I m on my phone but I adored Criss Cross My only issue with it is that it is too darn short I loved the relationship between Vic and Jacob and I am dying to see how things progress with them I like that this book isn t a sappy romance It mixes things up for me Can t wait for the next in the series. ?s ex boyfriend Crash is an empathic healer who might be able to help Victor pull his powers into balance but he seems interested in etting into Victor’s pants than in providing any actual assistanc. Anner Not Written November 29 20144 Stars I m trapped this was really oodBook 2The first part 1 Among the Living 35 stars in this crime paranormal MM series PsyCop was tempting ood This second part was undoubtedly one notch up on the better and better riseVictor good This second part was undoubtedly one notch up on the better and better riseVictor and Jacob Marks are for sure two interesting characters Theire world is kind if weird and their new love and sometimes also work partners relationship is both intense and shaky But this whetted the appetite for creepy murder investigations Just five books and a couple of mini shorties to read I listened to these first two audiobooks this second one 4 hrs once again narrated very well by Gomez Pugh on a vacation trip and finished next to two weeks ago Undoubtedly is it too late for a proper review now so short and sweetI LIKE Oh yes A series to o for 35 starsWellbook 2 Criss Cross was a weaker follow up It just didn t uite live up to the intro that was Among the Living It was twice as funny It was half as smartThere were times from early on that I wanted to rab Vic and say duhyou DO know what s oing on here right And for 34 of the book Vic s actions would reply I have no idea UghI can t adore you if you re Die fremde Stadt: Breslau nach 1945 going to be this thick Vic Add the new characters all kinda annoyed meand yes that includes Crash I wasn t feeling this one as much as I was feeling book 1 And what s up with Maurice just popping in and out of scenes randomly Is theuy retired or not Thankfully Vic s inner monologue did manage to have me chortling out loud many Haaaa I knew it Everyone was complaining *About Being Too Insta Between Vic And Jacob In The *being too insta between Vic and Jacob in the book but I always knew Jacob was old Comparing with the first book this book is not that fast paced and action packed but definitely not less interesting What a reat and enthralling audio shortie to enjoy Well now let s et to reviewing So apparently if you readlistened the first PsyCop book you would have known Jacob s apartment was blown while Vic was trying to capture an incubus serial killer Well most people would call it a disaster but Vic calls it a minor casualty in their line of work And hey it s a plu Poor Vic can t catch a break Not only had my reality become Dawn of the Dead than I was accustomed to but suddenly all the hungry cadavers were acting like I was in possession of the world s last brain When your life revolves around talking to hosts to solve murders how can you tell when things are Rivers Last Longer getting out of handFor Victor the answer is uite simple All thehosts which used to chat him up are becoming a bit rabby And they re everywhereThe delicate hold Vic had on sanity is slippingIn the previous book of this series Victor couldn t hardly find two hosts to rub together to solve a case In this book he s having uite the opposite problem And ya know a lot problems on top of that Because for the first time Vic has a life outside of workVictor Bayne That s "What S Wrong With "s wrong with I said The sixth sense doesn t match up with the other senses so anything we describe comes out flawed It s like trying to describe how purple smells or what pain sounds like The sudden increase in paranormal activity isn t a huge deal at first Victor is the kinda The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook: Great-Tasting Recipes that Keep You Lean! guy who has no problem taking a side of Auracel with his Auracel in order to make the spiritso away Unfortunately Vic has to stay off the pills Doctor s orders and doesn t that just put the last nail in this undead coffinTurns out Vic s liver is none too happy about his habit of taking WAY than the recommended dose of Auracel and now he has to Witchcraft for Tomorrow go clean for the foreseeable futureEven Vic s boyfriend is sufferingJacob Marks I probably should ve just trusted him Maybe I did Maybe it was me that I couldn t trust I wondered if I was ever totally present for Jacob or if he always had to search for the real me between the cracks of all the drugs I took Sweet steady Jacob I m beginning to think Jacob is the perfect person for Vic but I m not so sure Vic is the best person for Jacob Vic has been lashing out in his sleep violently attacking Jacob but waking with no memory of the eventJacob s partner Carolyn decides that Victor needs to visit an Empathetic Healer After all Vic s problem is ahost problem not a drug problem right Unfortunately oing to the healer puts. Effective than sugar pillsVic is also adjusting to a new PsyCop partner a mild mannered uy named Roger with all the personality of white bread At least he's willing to spring for the StarbucksJacob?. .

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