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What are you Chaos Patricia Briggs No Respect right A pack werewolves is trying to take over Adam s territory Wulfe decides to tell Mercy something she doesn t want to hear Last but not least Adam and Mercy s mate bond has gone silent How can anything go wrong with these events happening simultaneously I mean Mercy isight when she says she s Chaos She should advertise it with neon lights Of course Coyote is part to blameFrom the moment I opened the first page I knew it was going to be a ollercoaster of events There is non stop action and poor Mercy is always in the middle of it She has to deal with Fae Underhill Vampire and Werewolf politics to mention a fewFrom the above the one that annoyed me the most was the Pack issuesFor how long are they going to uestion her motives and when are they going to completely accept herHasn t she proven her loyalty and love for AdamI wanted to give some of these werewolves a big slap on the face I m getting tired of their attitude I almost got mad with Adam too until I understood what was going on with himOne passage in Smoke Bitten made me wonder what might happen in the next book I m not sure it was intentional or I m just eading too much into it I guess I could only hope If it happens that could be explosive all way aroundview spoiler I wonder if Hannah s granny s fae blood is the Comptia Cysa+ Cybersecurity Analyst Certification Bundle (Exam Cs0-001) reason that Kelly and Hannah have so many kids Adam mused Though it seems like the fae blood should work against them because the fae have troubleeproducing than werewolves do Maybe it s Hannah s granny s secret ingredient I told him Take one sip before bedtime as needed for conception hide spoiler This may be a bit of overall series plot arc filler but I don t even care because I still enjoyed the escapism of it I mean I may be shut in my house for the forseeable future trying to work and suddenly homeschool my two children at the same time but at least I am not being attacked by a smoke monster while dealing with magical marital bond issues Silver linings people silver linings Werewolf pun not intended 455 stars Smoke Bitten was superbThe plot was very engaging involving the mystery of a body snatching Smoke Creature who s identity I actually figured out around the same time as the main character Go me But importantly I love it when books can get you involved in solving things out of your own volition I m a huge fan of Patricia Briggs I ve been following the Mercy ThompsonAlpha Omega books almost from the start and the saga is a strong favorite That said I was let down by book 11 and said as much in my somewhat critical evi. Length 10 hours 10 minutesMercy Thompson car mechanic and shapeshifter faces a threat unlike any other in this thrilling entry in the #1 New York Times bestselling seriesI am Mercedes Athena Thompson Hauptman My only “superpowers” are that I turn into a thirty five pound coyote and fix Volkswagens But I have friends in odd places and a pack of werewolves

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That s a frightening position to be in Wulfe even calls himself her stalker And on levels of crazy stalkers Wulfe would make Joe uncomfortableFucking psychoThere is also a ogue pack of werewolves hanging around making trouble and hoping to take over the pack Good luck with all that kiddies Mercy s pack is pretty fierceYes this fierceTo top off Mercy s craptastic day there is a new monster in town and it also finds her interesting Not goodSo the book is mostly her just being smacked around by all of this crap like a pinball That s gonna leave a markThere were a couple of note worthy things that happened view spoiler Adam got super of note worthy things that happened view spoiler Adam got super when Mercy called Bran He was weird about it And things didn t end especially well for them I see trouble a brewin hide spoiler Smoke Bitten was exactly what I needed Not only was it a story that engaged and captivated me it also allowed me to leave RL behind and enjoy the world of Mercy Thompson to the fullestI m always fascinated when authors change the status uo Things I thought were settled and well adjusted are now on its head For any Mercy Thompson fan this book is shaking things upWhat I love about this series the most is that Mercy is still very much her own person Although she found her place in Adam s pack she still operates very much as a her own entity Nothing has changed in the way she supports Adam in every way she can but she is also aware that she is not fully *part of the pack yet That allows for some very interesting maneuvering on her part egarding pack politics dynamic and allegiances *of the pack yet That allows for some very interesting maneuvering on her
#Part Regarding Pack Politics Dynamic #
regarding pack politics dynamic allegiances the members of the packMost important of all Mercy is strong smart and loyal Her faith in Adam is unbroken not even in the face of some unsettling changes And I very much admired the way she handled it all There isn t another heroine like her that has the ability and intuitive perception to see the bigger picture She is not easily scared or jumps to conclusion I wish other heroines would be like herAlso the every changing pack dynamic is still a favorite part of mine The ever growing allegiances and slight changes in pack anking are fascinating to see unfold Besides the friendships that have developed and strengthened over time new enemies and foes are plentyFurther Smoke Bitten delivered uite the development and I can t wait to see where it all leads to In Sadies Surrender (Oyster Harbor, regards to the main plot it was as always fascinating I absolutely adore monsters that are patterned on myth lore and folktales see Kate Daniels Even so when the author weaves the story brilliantly and makes it impossible to guess who it the bad guyeally isAnd as always Structure Of The Nucleus reading a Mercy Thompson novel goes by way too uickly and I m now sitting here waiting impatiently for the next oneARC generously provided in exchange for an honesteviewFind First Anthology reviews and bookecommendations on my blogFind me on Bookstagra. The deadliest survivedNow one of those prisoners has escaped It can look like anyone any creature it chooses But if it bites you it controls you It lives for chaos and destruction It can make you do anything–even kill the person you love the most Now it is here in the Tri Cities In my territoryIt won’t can’t emain Not if I have anything to say about it. Ew That book didn t *Have The Same Spark As *the same spark as books before it and I started uestioning whether the series was being drawn out past it s prime My main criticism was that Mercy wasn t as pivotal a ole player in advancing plot as I thought she should ve been instead seemed focused on the mundane Soooo not the case here she was central to all the happenings and back to being that beautiful instigator of change I ve loved her for Smoke Bitten was easily one of the strongest in the series It had an excellent combination of action humor sentiment and world building This is a showcase of Briggs at her finest and I can t wait to Passage Through Crisis read what she comes out with nextThe story is full of amazing characters and the depth we have with each of them at this point isemarkable This novel was a success for me partially because Briggs managed to take the deep connections between a few of the characters and forge them even closer The way Mercy Science, Technology and Culture related to specific characters in Smoke Bitten was my favorite aspect of the story As a whole I love the pack dynamics I love theelationships with magical beings And I love the number of players involved that make future books so compelling with their boundless possibilities Excuse me while I fangirl a minuteRecommendations I consider Mercy Thompson a staple of the urban fantasy genre It s also one of the easiest to The Road to Einsteins Relativity recommend most of the urban fantasy series I geek out about usually come with disclaimers this one is just straight forward awesome It s a top 5 uf for me I d especiallyecommend it to anyone wanting to get into the genre I d strongly suggest eading both the Mercy
#Thompson And Alpha Omega Books #
and Alpha Omega books order of publication The crossover is incredibly high and you won t get the full experience in later Mercy books if you don t ead bothVia The Obsessive Bookseller at wwwNikiHawkescomOther books you might like Ugh the apocalypse sucks Is anyone else actually getting LESS Nighttime Sweethearts reading time And this is the early part of the apocalypse I am just sayingight now that if unning for our lives becomes early part of the apocalypse I am just saying ight now that if Safe in My Arms running for our lives becomes thing I m out That s enough already SheeshOn the other hand if things go this way I m all in babyBy the way if anyone needs advice on homeschooling send me a message I homeschooled my ADHD kid and my dyslexic kid for 12 years They actually made it into college and are normal human beings and everything But Iemember those days when I would yell that I was calling the school Presunta colpevole right now It ain t easy And if they ever tried to use the word ain t I would freak the hell out on them So yeah I understand the struggleBut not this guy He is obviously nailing this homeschool thingOkay the bookSo when we start Mercy and Adam are having marital problems He s freezing her out and she doesn t know why Plus his ex wife is causing trouble from afar And to top it off she has become interesting to Wulfe. T my back It looks like I’m going to need themCenturies ago the fae dwelt in Underhill–until she locked her doors against them They left behind their great castles and troves of magical artifacts They abandoned their prisoners and their pets Without the fae to mind them those creatures whoemained behind oamed freely through Underhill wreaking havoc Only. Smoke Bitten
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