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Stories Critically we get a few great scenes of Weiss and Winter which is great because their time together has consisted of like 5 whole minutes in the beginning

*of volume 3 *
Volume 3 their relationship needs a lot airtime to unpack the choice of artists means to unpack The choice of artists means of the plots adhere to manga narrative sensibilities than what you might get from Kerry Miles though that s certainly not a bad thing If you need Weiss vignettes in your life this is great for that Weiss gets her own volume of short stories that reveal the difficulties in her past and whyhow she has cultivated her ice PRINCESS PERSONALITY AND THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN personality and the relationship between team members is explored further Once again I am reminded of how much I relate to Blake as always and hope she gets her own volume in time as well The Weiss Attack is hilarious and I can t really think of a better use for inedible homemade cookies although Weiss was horrified There is than one way to avert a crisis and making use of chocolate chip cookie Will come back to this IntroWeiss is probably my favorite member of team RWBY so a manga dedicated to her was nice to read Especially since her tsudare nature provides alot of opportunities for humor Because the anathogy seires seems to the sictom side of Rwby I have a feeling this volume of the anathogy seires will probably turn out to be my personal favorite Because of Weiss s prominence Since the humor of weiss seiriousness tends to be my favorite part of RWBY s sitcon side If your a fan of Lucky Star and Rwby then I d recommend this manga anathogy series to you The dynamic between Weiss and Ruby is very reminiscent of the relationship between Konata and KagamiThe reason is give this manga 4 stars instead of 5 is that like in the first volume Yang and Blake are a little flat and generic straitmen to Ruby and Weiss s antics Yang was alittle her boisterous self which was nice inprovement to see I still do not think the authors have captured Blade s aloof yet passionate personality And her cat like attitude other then one fish oke So I hope they do that in volune 3ConculsionOverall I really liked this manga it was very cute and I ve been missing Rwby since season 7 ended Only a week and half to go till the first episode if season 8 airs So this was a nice little manga to get me hyped for season 8P S It was nice to see characters like professor good witch neptune and sun again I wish there were action scenes but overall it was a super cute read. E volumeIncludes a full color four page story and four full color illustrations This volume focuses on Weiss Schnee from TEAM RWBYPlus bonus messages from the illustrators and creators included in this volume with longer notes from RWBY character designer Ein Lee and actress Kate Eberle the voice of Weiss Schne.

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This anthology is an enjoyable Read If A Little Repetitive if a little repetitive thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the book with stories highlighting Weiss love hate relationship with her BFF and team leader Ruby though the book really dives headfirst into the White Rose ship Even pleasing were the looks into her past before attending Beacon Academy and the respectful lionizing bond she has for her older sister Winter But as I kept reading I found the stories to only ever focus on those two aspects of her character There were exceptions She has a bonding episode with Yang and one focus on those two aspects of her character There were exceptions She has a bonding episode with Yang and one Blake and there was a team mystery in which Weiss was sneaking around at night and the rest of the team had to find out what she was up to Considering how well fleshed out her character is in the main series I was hoping for a varied mix of stories That said the ones that are given are solid and will make fans of RWBY s Best Girl happy I m very shocked to have gone through my reviews and
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I never posted my original review for this Either that or it was somehow swallowed up by the ther and never saved over the placeholder bracketsTo keep this short and sweet I wasn t expecting to love Weiss s volume in this set of anthologies as much as I did There s a lot of light hearted fun in this volume to be sure but among the brighter parts the creators that collaborated did a nice Notes for the Everlost job of exploring Weiss s character growth and change that we see start in the end of the first volume Whether or not you re all that interested in reading these anthologies as a RWBY fan I do recommend reading this one It s absolutely worth it How could I not love this It s wonderful RWBY shorts to hold me over until the premiere of Volume 6 in October omg it feels so far awayI have my favorites out of the short stories I always do but I think my ultimate favorite is one where Weiss and Blake talk It sust after the end of Volume 1 where spoiler alert Blake is revealed to be Faunus Weiss has her prejudices against them not necessarily Blake but Faunus in general This is an incredibly sweet moment where Weiss confronts her fears and Blake A lesson in diversity and accepting people s differences because we re really not that different in the end in a manga Yeah I was surprised too Don t worry though If you re concerned that the content is a little too heavy and thought provoking Yang lightens the mood at the endRoman Cinder Emerald and Mercury all make brief appearancesOthe. Straight from Rooster Teeth’s hit animation series a new four volume anthology series featuring stories from various manga creators each focusing on a different member of Team RWBYThe world of Remnant is filled with horrific monsters bent on the destruction of humanity Fortunately the kingdoms of the world ha. R than that there are some funny stories Weiss tries baking cookies some meta humor apparently there s an artist who forgets to draw Weiss earrings sweet moments between Weiss and her team especially Ruby I loved RWBY No Doubt Weiss especially the Let s Study flash story in that section is that what you call a manga story that s only three or four panels My second favorite story though is the last one before RWBY No Doubt Weiss It s a very sweet moment between Weiss and Winter but also Weiss and her team It really depicts how much Weiss has grown also HOW MUCH HER CARES FOR much her team cares for
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s the note in which to end the volumeA solid 55 stars This was When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) just so lovely and cute I liked seeing herourney and how she has grown and accepted team RWBY into her life So Although I have read other people smanga before and have been a huge anime fan for a while this What is the first official manga book I ever bought Weiss has been my favorite character sens I saw the White intro for the first time So needless to say I am very picky of how she is represented This book rather than being a Single ourney is a collection of short stories made by various manga artists So naturally there were a number of good stories and a number of stories that could ve used some improvementsPros Beautiful art by all the artists The characters were represented well and it did feel like I was watching a mini episode of Ruby Weiss was portrayed perfectly Cold focused and sassy on the outside sweet considerate and very empathetic on the inside I like that you got to see a little into her head then the anime series so this was definitely a nice treat overallCons Although there were s The second RWBY anthology manga Mirror Mirror focuses on the W in RWBY containing twenty short stories by a variety of manga artists As with any anthology there are inevitably a spread of hits and misses but I enjoyed pretty much every tale in the collection All the stories are set in the kind of nebulous Beacon Era and mostly revolve around Weiss various interactions with her teammates and her development as a characterI m pretty sure these are non canonical which is kind of a shame because most of these stories ust do a good ob of padding out the relationships between characters We scenes of Weiss bonding with Ruby coming to terms with Blake arguing with Yang Unlike Chibi they don t really contradict the events of canon and many of them act as great missing scene. Ve risen to combat these forces by training powerful Huntsmen and Huntresses at academies around the planet Ruby Rose Weiss Schnee Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long are four such Huntresses in trainingAll new short stories set in the world of RWBY from no less than twenty different manga creators in one singl.
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RWBY (RWBY Official Manga Anthology, #2)