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I would give it stars if "I COULDTHIS IS BOOK IS EXTREMELY "couldThis is book is extremely in understanding your brain and hacking your way into improving its productivity the author is scientific in its productivity The author is scientific in approach and less like a motivational speaker This makes the book even interesting and engagingI have pages of notes made from this is book and I wish to follow these to the dot and confirm all the productivity claims made by the authorMore importantly the book presents better practical ways to recover from mental fatigue which most other authors try to do the same thing with grandiose uotationsLike most other self help books reading them is only 10% of the task Following them is the rest 90% Manage your sources of distraction Meditate Be deliberate in how you use your mental energy Etc Some good tips in there actually but nothing earth shattering Maybe I ll report back after I ve seen the results My life will forever be split into before Hyperfocus and after Hyperfocus And I m optimistic that the after Hyperfocus part will be infinitely focused and creative than the before part was thanks to this book I felt like on every page the author was speaking directly to me All of the examples were incredibly relatable and all of the solutions Bailey presented seemed intuitive and something I not only could do but absolutely needed and wanted to do I can already feel myself becoming aware of what I m dedicating my attention to And I m so much less averse to giving my attention a bit of a break who new I could go. Canada's productivity expert returns with a totally fresh angle on how to do with less Throughout his experiments and research Chris Bailey came across many little Legally Binding (Lawyers Behaving Badly Book 1) known insights into how we focus aey element of productivity including the surprising idea that focus isn't so much a state of heightened awareness as we'd assume but a balance between two frames of. .

Have unused attentional space Boredom transitioning from a state of high stimulation to a lower one As such becoming accustomed to less stimulation can reduce that feeling of boredom4 Set goals for yourself both daily and weekly You re being productive as long as you re accomplishing a goal whether it s watching season 1 of GOT or filing your taxes Reward yourself after accomplishing your goals5 Get things out of your head and onto paper Write to dos and ideas down on paper asap so you can focus on whatever task you re working on6 Hyperfocus is useful for accomplishing specific tasks Always set an intention Eliminate distractions Set a predetermined amount specific tasks Always set an intention Eliminate distractions Set a predetermined amount time to focus be realistic start small Schedule it into your week We re most vulnerable to distractions at the start of hyperfocus when we resist it most7 Scatter focus is for synthesizing brainstorming Intentionally let your mind wander Try this during habitual enjoyable activities going for a walk washing dishes etc Use it to replenish your mental energy A time to allow your brain to connect the dots of all the stimuli you ve taken in8 Ideas for changing habits to intentionally consume valuable information Consume things you care About Eliminate Some Trash Not Eliminate some trash not all Choose a few valuable things to add Notice what you consume on autopilot mode Veg out intentionally Reevaluate what you re consuming as you re consuming it Consume challenging information outside of your expertise to encourage disparate dot connections. Concentrate deeply think clearly and work and live deliberately Diving deep into the science and theories about how and why we bring our attention to bear on life's big goals "and everyday tasks Chris Bailey takes his uniue approach to productivity to the next level in Hyperfocus while retaining the approachable "everyday tasks Chris Bailey takes his uniue approach to productivity to the next level in Hyperfocus while retaining the approachable and perspective that made him a fast favourite.

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HyperfocusFor a walk without music And that I would enjoy it Do Yourself A Favour And a favour and this book a read You will not regret it This was an enjoyable read with easy to implement strategies for setting yourself up for success on getting things done I ve started scheduling hyperfocus sessions into my week and prioritized items on my to do list and feel much on top of my workload Here are my main takeaways1 Be aware of potential distractions your brain is designed to pay attention to novel stimuli Make a list of your distractions Eliminate them to the best "of your ability Remove notifications on your phone clean up your surroundings etc "your ability Remove notifications on your phone clean up your surroundings etc to work in spaces where you can control the distractions around you Keeping distractions 20 seconds away a walk to the next room can be enough to prevent you from accessing them Silence is best but soft music that sounds familiar and is relatively simple is next best thing2 Consider the purpose of beverages Caffeine provides a focus boost Alcohol lowers inhibitions providing a creativity boost3 Be mindful of your attention When you catch your mind wandering take a brain break and do something mindless There are three measures of attention uality 1 How much time we spend working with intention 2 How long we can focus on one task 3 How uickly we notice our thoughts have wandered Mind wandering increases when stressed bored in a chaotic environment distracted by personal concerns uestioning if we re working on the most productive or meaningful task or we. Mind The most recent neuroscientific research on attention reveals that our brain has two powerful modes that can be unlocked when we use our attention well a focused mode hyperfocus which is the foundation for being highly productive and a creative mode scatterfocus which enables us to connect ideas in novel ways Hyperfocus helps readers unlock both so they can.