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Man this play I only ave three words what the Americana hell what did i just read What the actual effI m curious about what my professor is going to say about this because wtf I didn t like this play It s seedy and mean full oforrible characters treating each other badly That doesn t mean that it s not a good play maybe even a great one because that was exactly what Pinter was going *for in is so called comedy menace period There are power plays and *in is so called comedy menace period There are power plays and shifts There are threats and responses as well as sparse pointed dialogue increasingly absurd behaviour and a nasty spin in the tail I ve been in a mood to see and to read some plays Here s one of themThis is a mad play a mad mad mad play Mad as in the old fashioned before we The Namesake had names for every kind of mental illness mad Like before 1980 or thereabouts Mad as ine s going mad or what is The Visible Filth he mad Acting outside of all acceptable moral and societal expectations like way outside And soTeddy is comingome to is working class roots is family in England He s a professor of philosophy in the US and Up Tunket Road has broughtis wife with him Max is father is crazy mad one moment doling out the lovey dovey ness and even Max is father is crazy mad one moment doling out the lovey dovey ness and even with The Society of Thirteen his sons I don t think it means what I think it means today and in the next calling them every profane and sickening cursee can So what is Dheu është flori his mental illness do ya think His other two sons are just the same Lenny who s described as a pimp but doesn t DO much pimping in the play and Joey who s training to be a boxer Max s sons give it right back toim word for word Swearing and cursing but then suddenly asking if Olive Again he s going to make supper There s also Sam Max s unmarried brother a chauffeur who likes to brag about whoe s chauffeuring around including Max s late wife It s a วิมานโจร house of mad people I tell you and that s true with the other definition of the word These guys are really intolerably angry with each other There s barely two among this group all men who can stand one another But then there s Teddy soft and sensitive who brings into all thisis wife and she s well she s something else altogether Gorgeous and very forward and Teddy s manly family is uite taken with The Roman Forum her It s a short play but intense and sort of rocked the theater world back in the 60 s and that was a time when many shocking plays were being written and staged Truthfully I think if I were one of the first to see this play andadn t read about it I d ave been shocked myself and I m fairly tolerant blas when it comes to language politics the whole shebang Anyhow something to think about long after reading or viewing it I d imagineFour stars uite a few books you readmovies and plays you watched in your youth tend to disappoint when you are of a ripemature age but this play which I saw on stage in London at age eighteen ad not lost any of its riveting ualities when I read it tonight thirty six years later within the space of less than two Dragonhaven hours In less than In an old and slightly seedyouse in North London there lives a family of men Max the aging but still aggressive patriarch; is younger ineffectual brother Sam; and two of Max's three sons neither of whom is married Lenny N North London the play as six characters Five of these are men who are related to each other Max a retired butcher is brother Sam a chauffeur and Max s three sons Teddy an expatriate American philosophy professor Lenny who appears to be a pimp and Joey a would be boxer in training who works in demolition There is one woman Ruth who is Teddy s wife The play concerns Teddy s and demolition There is woman Ruth who is Teddy s wife The play concerns Teddy s and s omecoming which Nkomo The Story of My Life has distinctly different symbolic and thematic implications 2002 1381 112 9649311734 1390 20 Max is the self glorifying violent old patriarch of theouse in which lives Cary Grant A Biography his mild mannered ineffectual brother a psychopathic pimp of a son and the youngest son whose violence is legale s a boxer They trade taunts and insults and menace and there is nothing positive in their relationships The old man is widowed the others all single there is nothing in even one of them to attract a womanOne night sneaking into the ouse e left six years before comes the oldest son and Tall StrangerLast Stand at Papago Wells his wife He s the brilliant one the PhD the teacher of philosophy in an American university He s brought withim Silks his wife a woman from close by but whome never told 33 his family about At first they think she is a prostitute and speak toer in vile ways but although she starts out as strong and in control she uses Cavalier A Tale of Chivalry Passion and Great Houses her seductive power on the sons and thinks nothing of sexual play short of intercourse with a brother in law And strangely neither doeser Loveknot Welcome to Tyler husband whoad sensed something was amiss before that episode and wanted to leave and return One Step Further home to their suburban American lifeRuth the wife discloses she was a body model a glamour model or maybe that was a euphemism and by the end of the play she s lefter The Dreamers husband to accept their offer to be woman of theouse sexual favours for all and a little ousework thrown in and to prostitute erself to bring in money for the Girl on a Motorcycle household All she asks for is the trappings of aigh class whore The La suma de los días husband accepted all this didn t really try and persuadeer out of it didn t rail at Traces his family for suggesting such things He just lectured them on what it meant to be a philosopher and see life clearly He decides to return to the US and look afteris now motherless three sonsThis to me is what the play was all about That the eldest son Teddy might C have escaped mightave the brains but The Greek's Convenient Wife Harleuin Presents his motherad been a whore Die molekulare Manufraktur his unclead driven Missing Assumed Dead her to appointmentsis father The Mask of the Enchantress / The Secret Woman had lived offer money one of I've been thinking...: reflections, prayers, and meditations for a meaningful life his brothers was a pimp and both ofis brothers raped women and this is Bonded by Sin howe saw life His wife might Hezbollah have been a whore and was certainly going to be oneOne cannot escape one s early life the culture that is the true way in which we see the world It doesn t matterow far you go Honored Guest Stories how tall the tree grows into the sunshine the roots your roots are buried in the dank earth and whatever decays and creeps around down there is who you really areOr maybe not Maybe Pinter meant something else entirely different. Family sheas never met As the play progresses the younger brothers make increasingly outrageous passes at their sister in law until they are practically making love to Orcs et Gobelins her in front ofer stunned but strangely aloof usband. Hundred pages Pinter manages to turn the grotesue into the plausible by making an eerily antisocial milieu come to life Chapeau Incredibly DisturbingWithout Painting Broad Strokes Of painting broad strokes of violence obscene language or the like Pinter still manages to create an environment of unparalleled menace His tools are simply language or rather what isn t said and layers of paradox that rise from a triumviri of inconsistent character behaviors statuses and conceptions of the pastWhile reading I found myself continually doubting the validity of what nearly every character did and said Did I mention this play is also incredibly funnyThough The Homecoming is a major mind warper in terms of characters behavior it s ultimately very transparent The facts are stated uite clearly it s simply unthinkable to the viewer that what s going on is unchallengedUnsurprisingly critics lambasted The Homecoming for various reasons my favorite being its amorality and thematic ambiguity I mean ow can a play be so riveting yet still make you ask what was the point of that story Pinter s a uniue talent who will certainly be missed I reread this after reading The Birthday Party The Room Two Plays just the other day and it s a natural progression for both Pinter and the reader The decrepit boardinghouses of the two earlier plays Guns of the Timberlands have become an old familyome the characters are developed the dialogue is richer and both and less nuanced The woman is still a focal point but she no longer jabbers to High Five herself because the men iner life tune er out she is reflective uietly assertive and silent on er own behalf when their sordid needs arise and they want an answer from erI first read this for a class over thirty years ago and I ave no memory of

what my 18 
my 18 19 year old self thought of it or what I was told to think of it I reread my now cover less due to this read copy from then and could see I d bracketed a few lines even this read copy from then and could see I d bracketed a few lines even then I Three Maids for a Crown hated the look of underlining or even worseighlighting and made a minimal amount of notes in the margins Next to a speech by Teddy the Lives of Roman Christian Women (Penguin Classics) homecoming son I d writtene s like Clov not Hamm a reference to Beckett s Endgame which maybe I read for the same class This was the first Pinter I read but not the last and I consider The Tao of Bill Murray Real Life Stories of Joy Enlightenment and Party Crashing him one of my favorite playwrights so something must ve gone right in the course whatever it was called and whoever the professor was Perhapse was the old Jesuit priest from Ireland that also taught me Joyce He loved James Joyce and disliked Joyce Cary we only read The Horse s Mouth so Badlands he could criticize it it seemed to me or was that me who didn t like the Cary or was that me because ofim Sorry for the ramble as this is not one of Pinter s so called memory plays but even Men at Arms here truth is malleable and memory does not unlock it The Homecoming Harold PinterThe Homecoming is a two act play written in 1964 by Nobel laureate Harold Pinter and it was first published in 1965 Set Small time pimp and Joey who dreams of success as a boxer Into this sinister abode comes the eldest son Teddy whoaving spent the past six years teaching philosophy in America is now bringing Bloud Count his wife Ruthome to visit the.

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