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L So those are some highlights of the characters "MUIREANN GETS A DOG WIGGLY POO YES THAT S "gets a dog wiggly poo es that s name and hoists it on Gavin who is allergic to dogs but this one he takes a shining too She finds out about Fiona and Gavin at her wedding to him in the church and all heck breaks loose This is after wiggly poo has eaten his suit for the wedding and he is dressed in a Elvis outfit for the wedding that Fiona crashed in her bunny slippers So now we have a wedding crashed and broken Up Gavin Kind Of Now gavin kind of now a jerk and Fiona becomes fiesty Muireann becomes herself and what she does to gavin s and what she does to Gavin s is horrid Bernard her dad is trying now to destroy Gavin Now Gavin has to pay for the wedding the house he didn t want has no job and is married to the fun and fiesty FionaAll the while Fiona is supposed to be on a dream trip but her aunt needs a hip replacement and needs someone to run her bookshop the shop that is going down hill In the meantime they are struggling and her uncle Bernard has all the family money but her aunt tells Fiona her suspicions and this gets Fiona in a dander and she starts to look into the will of her grandmother While this is going on Gavin and Fiona are getting to know each other again and Gavin is beginning to find himself as well He is learning that he was stifled and Fiona is helping him to become alive again They grow close and Gavin falls for her Fiona though tries to protect her heart and does a boneheaded move But Gavin has none of that Their are other shenanigans and blunders of fun and mayhem along the way to their happily ever after A book that will seriously have Diablo (Texans, you genuinely smile until it hurts and laugh those deep howls that have the jowels jiggle and wiggle A fun romance that will be devoured like water in a desert and haveou wanting I actually threw my phone away from me what idiotic caricatures of people they are what absolutely disgusting tropes I did try I got half way through and I couldn t any and do I ever regret trying This book began my St Paddy s Day week of Irish reads It was a good start 3 Seductive Lip Bites This was a cute contemporary rom com A light and easy read Not really a steamy read Yes there s some sex and some dirty talk TBH I think there was only a couple of those scenes But it was still a spicy little read And that was totally fine with me because my main purpose in picking up this book was the fact that it is set in Ireland Loved the Irish brogue and slang Plenty of Irish small town life in this book Also enjoyed the nod to traditional Irish heritage and countryside The chapters could have used some sort of header so I knew which POV I was reading before I started the chapter but eh feck it I figured it out Overall I liked it didn t LOVE it But it was a solid Irish read New to me author Zara Keane has created an adorable uirky funny and romantic world in a small Irish town I was totally charmed by this first book in her series The characters are colorful the humor is spot on the setting pops off the page and the second chance romance is oh so satisfying She has a lovely novella coming out soon in August and full length books in this series Check out her website for informationI highly recommend this book if Tommys Bestest Adventure you love small town romance uirky characters fun comedy and settings that makeou want to get a plane ticket to Ireland eh not bad she did a lot of set ups that never really paid off just kind of fizzled out tho That was a bit odd Love and Shenanigans is the first book in the Ballybeg series by new to me author Zara Keane This book introduces the reader to two wonderful characters Fiona Byrne and Gavin Maguire and many other supporting characters in and around the charming town of Ballybeg Fiona has come to Ballybeg to participate in her cousin Muireann s wedding to Gavin Fiona has been in love with Gavin for as long as she can remember and after a drunken one night stand in Vegas 8 ears before Fiona knows that Gavin does not feel the same for her As if that humiliation isn t bad enough Fiona experiences the ultimate fashion emergency which exposes her backside to Gavin On the morning of the wedding Keane had me laughing from the first page to the very last She also works some very heartfelt and touching moments into this remarkably uniue tale Her writing style is smooth and the story flows steadily forward The storyline itself was captivating and uniue She had me guessing throughout I appreciate the fact that althoug. D on Fiona blasting back into his life and crashing his wedding In the space of twenty four hours he loses a fiancée and a job and gains a wife and a puppy Can he salvage his bland but stable life More importantly can he resist losing his heart to Fiona all over again. .

Ys and the bad And there is a sweet little "labradoodle puppy who doesn t understand the meaning of good behavior and answers to the ridiculous name of Wiggly Poo "puppy who doesn t understand the meaning of good behavior and answers to the ridiculous name of Wiggly Poo I grew to adore Gavin s best friend Logan and his son are a nice addition to the story as is Fiona s friend Olivia I m trying not to give spoilers and ruin the story with all it s twists and plotting but can say it was so much fun to read It kept my absolute attention from start to finish and I ended the book with a smile on my face I m looking forward to the future books in Zara s Ballybeg series 45 starsComplimentary copy provided via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review Zara Keane is a new welcomed voice in Contemporary Romance If ou looking for crisp clean writing engaging dialogue steamy sex and too many laughs to count Love Me Tenor (Perfect Harmony, you ll find it with Love and Shenanigans the first book in Zara s Ballybeg series I haven t read many current day romances set in Ireland and Love in Shenanigan is set in a small town of Ballybeg which was a nice change The setting is flavorful and the characters as well You ll feel likeou ve been transplanted into this colorful world Zara has createdThee laughs are plentiful here especially with Wiggly Poo a rambunctious labradoodle that causes so many problems throughout the novel This pup is one of the many reasons Love and Shenanigans was such a hoot to readFiona returns to Ballybeg for her cousin Muireann s wedding Fiona and the bride don t get along at all but Fiona sucks it up and doesn t want to cause a problem Soon she ll be on her grand holiday to Australia Her cousin s husband to be is Gavin a man Fiona has known for most of her life and who she once had a crush on She finds out right before the wedding that she is still married to Gavin A few Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching Vol. 2 (Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching years ago she and Gavin ended up in Las Vegas got drunk and married by Elvis They didn t think it was the real deal and forgot about it It has come back to bite them big time Now Gavin is in the dog house so to speak because Muireann hates him and her powerful rich father wants to ruin him Fiona has her own problems because her beloved Aunt Bridie who took Fiona in after her parents died in a horrible car crash has an accident and can t run her bookstore Fiona takes over for Bridie and stays in Ballybeg until she and Gavin can get an annulment or divorce Gavin s life has come crashing down and he might have no choice to give into Muireann father s demands for retribution if he wants to still have his respect and a career He starts spending time with Fiona which in turns makes him second guess everything about himself and what he thought he had with Muireann who has conveniently skipped town to recover from her botched wedding It s not surprising Fiona and Gavin rekindle their romance which should be so wrong but feels so right to them Perhaps these two should stay married and see what their future holdsLove and Shenanigans is romantic comedy gold I can t count the number of times I laughed out loud There is drama tension a mystery regarding Fiona s grandmother s will and if Wiggly Poo will ever behave Everything is wrapped up in a near perfect HEA bow which I loved I m definitely on the Zara Keane fan bandwagon I knew Zara when she first started as book blogger who then turned author I m so happy she made the leap and has done it very wellI urge to try this new author and the first book in what looks to be a very fun series that has the Luck of the Irish on every page Loved this book I laughed so much in this fun uirky romance book that my sides hurt Gavin is a stick in the mud well let s rephrase he is a fun easy going uirky guy that is hiding in the persona of stick in the mud He is trying so hard not to be like his mom that he loses himself in the process One night eightears ago he marries Fiona and than forgets about it thinking it was taken care of Uh nope And that is just one of the fun things in this book How that comes out will have Fortune Favors the Wicked (Royal Rewards you hoot and hollarFiona is the cousin of Muireann Muireann the stuffy snooty snotty I am rich and can have anything I want whiny and who has Gavin do whatever she wants because all he wants is uiet and peace in his life is engaged to Gavin and boy is she a handful She treats people like objects and really I don t think Muireann and Gavin love each other I think it was for Gavin at least a way to just exist without ripples Muireann s dad Bernard is a asshat Total and complete jerk He s manipulative as wel. Overs the drunken vows she exchanged with the groom during a wild Las Vegas trip eightears previously mean they're legally married her future plans ricochet out of controlGavin Maguire's life is low on drama high on stability and free of pets But Gavin hadn't reckone. 4 Solid Stars Loved the shenanigans in this book Good times with the Irish Light easy uick read Great For The Beach Or for the beach or lazy afternoon on the couch No stress just plain old fun My only complaint would be that while I enjoyed the fact that the story didn t get hung up on details I felt like I needed a few about certain characters I understand how this author s writing works she makes the reader work for information but I wanted clarity on a few people in Particular And How They and how they related to the main characters You eventually find out and much to my delight see that they will be having books of their own Plus there s a dogwho doesn t love a dog in a book especially when they play a huge role Wiggly Poohated the name at first but it grew on me Doesn t seem to fit a Labradoodle but it did a lovely rambunctious destructive bundle of fur It s the characters and the uniue circumstances they find themselves in that drive this story but with enough steam to satisfy this reader Loads of entertaining good fun and snarky witty banter that had me chuckling and snorting throughout the read I found a new series to enjoy and I ll definitely be heading back to Ballybeg to hang out with these uirky folk in Love and Blarney A copy of the book was provided by Beaverstone Press LLC via NetGalley LOVE AND SHENANIGANS was a delightful second chance love story set in Ireland and filled with a colorful and fun cast of characters and well plenty of shenanigans Zara Keane has set a high bar with her debut novel as she begins her Ballybeg series Her heroine Fiona an orphan raised by her elderly et spunky aunt Bridie moved away from her hometown of Ballybeg eight ears ago to make her own place in the world "HER ONLY OTHER FAMILY IN BALLYBEG "only other family in Ballybeg her aunt uncle and cousin who have been less than kind Her cousin Muireann has in fact always been competitive petty and sometimes cruel in her enjoyment of humiliating her My Wife the Beauty Queen younger cousin She s made a success of herself career wise but not had much luck romantically Much of the reason being she never really got over her first love Gavin and no other man seems to measure up even if she is doing the measuring subconsciously After an unexpected night of passion and an unplanned wedding in Vegas eightears ago proved Gavin and Fiona had chemistry to spare Fiona s heart was set Gavin however was none the wiser when it came to Fiona s feelings He was strongly attracted to her fiery personality and beautiful curves but she was all wrong for him Too unpredictable and the feelings she brought up in him were too scary to even consider That night eight ears ago in Vegas proved they were explosive together but that was not the path he planned for his life So he left her there and started a relationship with her cousin Muireann Leaving Fiona heartbroken and both of them believing their marriage certificate had never been filed and therefore their impromptu wedding invalidGavin came from his own sad family story with a mother who provided a less than stable environment his greatest desire in a partner and relationship was that there would be no drama If to avoid the emotional stress of drama meant he also had to give up some of the pleasant emotions such as passion and deep love for one another so be it He wanted a nice even steady course with no bumps or surprises Marriage to Muireann promised all of that she was beautiful elegant and calm She could be a bit of an ice ueen but passion only brought trouble The fact that her father dangled a coveted position with his company only made the relationship attractive Marriage to Muireann was the logical and sensible thing to do The story starts off with Fiona back in Ballybeg to be the maid of honor in Muireann and Gavin s wedding Forced to wear a horrendous dress and bear the pettiness of her prettier cousin When she discovers right before the wedding of course that she and Gavin s wedding was legal after all she has no other choice than to let him know and stops the ceremony This sets in motion a myriad of situations and throws her and her husband together as they try to sort things out Seems there is than one person with hidden motives and downright underhanded behavior living in the small town of Ballybeg All sorts of shenanigans are afoot making this story comical sweet a bit mysterious and there are even some nicely done love scenes thrown in As I said the personalities of the characters are colorful and well developed the good gu. A romantic comedy featuring a crashed wedding a puppy with attitude and a second chance romanceFalling for the groomThree days before leaving Ireland on the adventure of a lifetime Fiona Byrne returns to her hometown to attend the family wedding from hell When she disc.

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Love and Shenanigans (Ballybeg, #1)