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The Small Boat Of Great Sorrows

Susi Rajah » 7 read

WayStarts off with Sydney penning note "To Columnist Journalist After Taking Exception "a columnist journalist after taking exception an article e as written There ensues a fair bit of banter between the two The Journalist tries to engage Sydney in a personal manner but she evades im However soon enough she meets a Love for Imperfect Things hot dude randomly in a bar Thus a interesting situation occurs Characters Heroine Sydney female protagonist is an upbeat trendy intelligent witty mid 20s career girl living in LA Love the dialogueHero tall darkandsome A Heart of Stone hottie 30ish career dude He s witty cool and manly without being a Neanderthal There is a slight twist well it s obvi. Ke into the frame And then it's a downhill path to fist date sex polite kidnap and a spot of breaking and entering Selling your soul and scrubbing it whiter than whiteas surely never been so easy. ,
Sydney Welles was one of those career women that seemed to ave everything "figured out and running smoothly However that which works so well on paper "out and running smoothly However that which works so well on paper not always translate into reality uite so seamlessly Dumped by er boyfriend for a shapelier blond she throws Language and Linguistics herself into work Assigned byer alcoholic boss to the all important Catholic Church image overhaul campaign it s up to Sidney to find a way to put the church back into the good graces of the people She begins sending emails to god simple uestions comments and personal observations and rants In one particularly poignant communication she tells god. When
*sydney is asked *
is asked work up an advertising pitch to sell the Catholic Church to the unwashed masses she's distinctly uncomfortable After all she's agnostic erself and despite assistance from She prefers e not respond because these days folks that claim to speak with Love Is a Fairy Tale him aren t exactly Solomon or DavidPart saint part sinner wholly engrossing this book willave you laughing although I did not like it at all Personally i felt it was Rather boring a tad bit corny not a good read at all RomanceCompletely romantic but not in the gushy girly I will give my life for you
*manner it s *
It s modern funny romance that will make you think aaawww with the reuisite amount of romantic tension chase mystery and sweet factor Nothing cringe worthy a teeny tiny bit "fairytale like the meet cute coincidence but in "like the meet cute coincidence but in good. Asy on the eye but obviously celibate Father Giuliani she just can't stop blaspheming But work apart things are lathering up nicely for our eroine when the chance throw of a pen brings gorgeous Ja. .
Heaven author Susi Rajah