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T was a really good idea I think this story is a really good example of how Mexican students feel when they get integrated into the American school system They have a very difficult time understanding what s going on they can t speak their home language they have a hard time making friends and they struggle in school and end up falling behind or even words forgotten La Mariposa is a very authentic Mexican story and I really enjoyed the way the story was told in this book and would recommend it to any Spanish speaking students I might and would recommend it to any Spanish speaking students I might in my classroom Through the eyes of an immigrantValuable read Short and simple tale of an immigrant child s first ear in an American school as seen through his eyes La Mariposa is a story about a oung Hispanic boy named Francisco that is attending school and doesn t understand any English He goes to school and comes home every day with a headache because he just sits there and listens to a teacher spill words out of her mouth that doesn t make any sense to him He starts to drift off in class even though his dad says that is disrespectful He stares at the class caterpillar and imagines him flying around his dad in the farm and hanging with him He s really interested in the caterpillar and is excited to learn about the cocoon and is amazed at the beauty when the cocoon starts to crack and sees the beautiful butterfly come out I think this is a great book to have in a classroom library for those students that can t speak English fluently to have something to relate to and understand Even if someone has to translate this book for the student it will let them see that they aren t the only one that feels the way they do I like that in the book Curtis starts a fight with Francisco over the jacket but by the end of the book Francisco gives Curtis his beautiful drawing of the butterfly that got him a number 1 blue ribbon award from the teacher I like that this book is written by the author himself so ou get a sense of being in the authors mind while reading this book and the experiences are first hand I like the illustrations in the book and i feel they connect to the text very well I really enjoyed reading this book and i was excited to read on and i feel like my students would feel the same about this book This book showed that Nine Who Survived Hiroshima and Nagasaki you should not give up even when the going gets tough andou should push through the hard times because everything will pass and ou need to look forward to the future I think this is a good story to give students faith and keep them looking forward to the future I enjoyed reading the facts and real information at the end Of The Book It Let Me Connect the book it let me connect the real character and visualize him Great read In this book a boy named Francisco is starting the first grade and cannot speak any English He is struggling in the classroom because he cannot understand anything the teacher is saying So he just decides to daydream because listening to the teacher had started giving him headaches Francisco really enjoyed art class because he could draw anything that he wanted to One day the teacher hung one of his drawings up in the board for the class to see but soon it just disappeared Francisco has a fascination with a caterpillar that was located next to his seat in the classroom There was book that he would look at and try to read what the words were saying By the end of the first grade Francisco did not pick up very many English words but he could relate to a few English words and picture This book is from a child s viewpoint about his experience in the first grade and some of the struggles he faced That is true in so many of the school systems in America today. Tterfly this honest unsentimental account of a schoolchild's struggle to learn language reveals that our imaginations powerfully sustain us La Mariposa makes a subtle plea for tolerance in our homes our communities and in our schoo.

In a classroom caterpillar which is the only thing he can connect to in his unfamiliar surroundings I thought that this perspective of immigration and encountering new cultures was dynamic interesting and true to life Francisco is not placed in a certain setting time period his experience is parallel and similar to many children or adults who encounter a new culture and language His struggles with other children lack of material possessions and desire to fit in cross cultural boundaries allows many readers from various backgrounds to identify with Francisco easily Also some Spanish words and phrases are included in the text which allows the reader to understand Francisco in his own language The illustrations add greatly to the text and do hint to a time period in the past but still allow the reader to imagine the actions of Francisco at times Also the style of the illustrations is an extremely realistic portrayal of the events which adds to the sincerity of the story Overall La Mariposa is a great example of a multidimensional complex portrayal of immigration and assimilation into an unknown culture I really didn t like the message sent by this book I read many books on immigration to my students One of the themes I want them to understand is that life in America can be hard And life is hard for Francisco the main character of this story He has few friends is part of a school that favors English immersion and is bullied by the most popular boy in school In the end he wins a prize for his picture which the bully admires Francisco then gives the picture to the bully and ou get the impression that now they are friends I don t like that the ending is framed so as to seem positive I can t imagine that the kind of boy who I can t imagine that the kind of boy who beat up someone who is different would really complement Francisco on his artwork and want to be friends I do find Francisco s relinuishment of his prize work to be realistic but not as an olive branch scenario Cute This book is about a boy Francisco who is from Mexico and is starting the first grade in America As he gets to the school on the bus with his brother he gains a headache due to the increasing volume of kids speaking English and Francisco not being able to understand Once he gets settled in his classroom next to his desk there is a caterpillar which becomes his salvation throughout the school ear He is unable to understand his teacher or his classmates which gives him headaches so instead of trying to pay attention to the teacher he day dreams of being with his papa in the fields and focusing on the caterpillar Art becomes his favorite subject and would have a habit of drawing butterflies even got his artwork posted on the board by his teacher He made a friend Arthur who knows a little bit of Spanish but they get in trouble from the teacher since they aren t speaking English One day during recess a bully named Curtis comes storming over claiming that Francisco had his jacket resulting in them getting in a fight What happens with Francisco s artwork from the board what happens with the caterpillar after it cocoons find out by reading this storyThe majority of this book is split between words and pictures One set of pages is just words while the next set is a combination of both words and pictures The pictures are done in a brighter color scheme lots of oranges reds greens and blues The pictures seem to be done by paints but I m not uite sure This story has a couple Spanish words interwoven into the text giving it a authentic type of culturally diverse story At the end of the book a glossary is provided with definitions of the Spanish words that were used which I though. It To find out he studies the words in a butterfly book so many times that he can close his eyes and see the black letters but he still can't understand their meaningIllustrated with paintings as deep and rich as the wings of a bu. A beautiful painterly picture book from Francisco Jimenez with illustration by "Simon Silva that depicts an immigrant boy s first grade experiences at school Isolated because of his inability to UNDERSTAND ENGLISH " Silva that depicts an immigrant boy s first grade experiences at school Isolated because of his inability to UNDERSTAND ENGLISH TURNS INWARD TO English Francisco turns inward to imagination and later to drawing to escape his situation He takes comfort in watching and caring for a caterpillar his teacher has placed in a jar near his seat We follow his struggles to fit in but we celebrate his triumph as he discovers his artwork wins a prizeThe caterpillar s metamorphosis into a butterfly mirrors Francisco s own transformation as he begins to speak English and fit in with his classmates as the school ear winds down The author includes a helpful glossary at the end of the book though readers might find it useful to have the Spanish words and phrases better explained in context or have a footnote at the bottom of the page upon which they first appear in the storyReaders will hopefully empathize with Francisco knowing that so many children endure similar adjustments when put into schools without knowing any English and not having the support ease them into these situations Adults should find it useful to discuss the book with children posing uestions about how they might react if they were Francisco I enjoyed reading this book It has great illustrations The illustrations are rich The book is about a boy named Francisco who enters the 1st grade but does not speak or understand English While he is at school the only thing he does understand are the names During class he often imagined flying away over the fields to work with his dad because of the language barrier He looks at a caterpillar that s kept in a jar in the classroom Art becomes his favorite subject and the caterpillar becomes his inspiration to draw a butterfly that the teacher enters into a contest and it wins first prize I think this story is great for children ages 3 12 I would use this book in my classroom to share with my students how some of their peers who do not speak English may feel I work in a school where this is common in primary grades It can teach the students compassion and understanding of why the student may do work slightly different from them La Mariposa is a wonderful book to share with English Language Learners A oung boy moves from Mexico to start first grade in America However his inability to understand the English language results in him feeling lonely and isolated in school While reading this book it reminded me of a student I worked with once who had just moved to the United States from Puerto
She also did not speak well but it always made me happy seeing the other children still trying to include her in everything Reading La Mariposa really made me sympathize with the oung boy in the story and the English Language Learner student I know I cannot imagine being in their shoes with being immersed into a different place and having to deal with the language barrier I would also feel alone so I give the oung boy in the story a lot of credit I love that he found a love in art and watching the classroom caterpillar I empathize with him and all ELL students I always strive to make the girl I know feel welcomed and included in everything La MariposaWritten by Francisco Jimenez Illustrated by Simon SilvaPublished by Houghton Mifflin Company NY NY 1998Approx Interest Level Grade 2 4This story revolves around a oung boy who is a native Spanish speaker and how he copes with living in a culture that he is struggling to understand In this story Francisco the Stonefather young boy struggles to understand English and loses interest in school while increasing his interest. In his firstear of school Francisco understands little of what his teacher says But he is drawn to the silent slow moving caterpillar in the jar next to his desk He knows caterpillars turn into butterflies but just how do they do. ,

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