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Ll like thatand thank God for this new addition to my library because it was awesomeI just loved the maturity and frankness of Slow Burn and Corrupting Cinderellaafter all when you mix two people who are on opposites sides of the law it is going to be a wild and dangerous ride to say the least to get them to a happily ever after for sureStrength from Loyalty explores all types of loyaltyin all formsfrom family blood and one made of your choosing to relationships between a man and woman to businessand the strength it takes to make made of your choosing to relationships between a man and woman to businessand the strength it takes to make relationships thrive and prosperThis entire "SERIES SO FAR HAS BEEN INCREDIBLEWELL WRITTEN DEEPLY MOVING "so far has been incrediblewell written deeply moving with a lot of thought given to plot details and the added scenes were just the extra icing on the cakeI can t wait for book 4 Tattered on My Sleeve 5 one of the best biker series stars Slow Burn The first book in the Lost Kings series had me chuckling off and on throughout the book This isn t your average MC written style books There is a softer gentle side to this one The style is still clearly MC style writing The way Autumn Jones Lake has written this book eeps you entertained and on your feet From a young lawyer who is asked by the judge to handle a Criminal Case and she is not a criminal attorney to the MC member who she is to represent on a small misdomeaner charge to the death of a loved one the mourning period to the way that a new relationship picks up and how it affects the MC member and those around him Can he The Real Estate Entrepreneur: Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your Own Brokerage keep his life seperate from this cute little attorney who wants tonow what happened every time he comes home scraped up or why he s wearing guns and evlar Can he bring her into his world without corrupting her You will have to read the book to find out Corrupting Cinderella This is the second book of the Lost Kings series What is in store next for Hope Rock In book Two Hope and Rock continue their little eep away from each other game until tragedy hits close to home for one of them This finds the other back in their court on their turf Who has what happen Will these two ever become a couple Will the tragedy be too much What happens when friends step in to bring attention to the fact that the one is not doing well mentally and physically after the tragedy Sneaky friends like that are hard to come by when they set things up When going to a fight to support a member of the Lost Kings they re followed leaving the fight area What happens to all the guys when the SUV catches up to them Is it a rival club If so which oneRead to see how things change and what things change between Hope and Rock and the club members in general Strength From Loyalty In the third book in this series we continue reading Hope and Rock s story Have they finally made peace with things What happens when Rock has to go on a run to visit one of the southern houses Does he make good on a promise to take Hope on a run Does Hope manage to do him justice and show him and the others in the club that she will be the perfect ol lady for Rock What does she think about wearing her cut Rock and Hope to UK CA AU LOST KINGS MC READING ORDERRoad to Royalty Lost Kings MC 1 3Slow Burn Corrupting Cinderella and Strength From LoyaltyThree Kings One Night Lost Kings MC 25TATTERED ON MY SLEEVE LOST KINGS MC 4 Wrath s book UK CA AU Heat Lost Kings MC 5 White HeatBetween Embers Lost Kings MC 55More Than Miles Lost Kings MC 6White Knuckles Lost Kings MC 7Beyond Reckless Lost Kings MC 8Teller s Book Part 1Beyond Reason Lost Kings MC 9Teller s Book Part 2One Empire Night Lost Ings MC 95After Burn Lost Kings MC 10Zero Tolerance Lost Kings MC 11Includes the first three full length novels of the Lost Kings MC series and exclusive bonus contentSLOW BURN LOST KINGS MC 1Forced to represent an outlaw biker a married attorney must come to terms with her feelings for her client while avoiding the danger he brings into her sedate lifeCORRUPTING CINDERELLA LOST KINGS MC 2Although attorney Hope Kendall cares deeply for President of the Lost Kings MC Rochlan Rock North the truth is they come from completely different worlds Add to that the fact that they are also both headstrong people and they have a very rough road ahead of themSTRENGTH FROM LOYALTY LOST KINGS MC 3As a dark cloud descends over Hope and Rock s already precarious future will a long hidden secret push them both past the point of no returnBONUS CONTENT Character Interviews Two exclusive bonus scenes. Hey come from completely different worlds Add to that the fact that they are also both headstrong people and they have a very rough road ahead of them STRENGTH FROM LOYALTY Lost Kings MC Book #3 Original publication date March 17 2015 As a dark cloud descends over Hope and Rock’s already precarious future will a long hidden secret push them both past the point of no return Bonus Scenes At the Gun Range Rock Hope Wrath and Trinity Prom Dress Hope Heidi Muphy and Telle.

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Road to Royalty (Lost Kings MC #1-3)addition in the MC genre Happy Reading Re read September 2018Series re read in anticipation for book 10 coming out 333 This is an amazing thing the author put together I love the Lost Kings MC series so having the first three books packaged together was fantastic in and of itself But included with Slow Burn Corrupting Cinderella and Strength From Loyalty are a bunch of extras Two character interviews that were very funny and provided a lot of insight into Hope and Rock But my favorite and what made this absolutely worth every penny are the two new bonus scenes that were included They re short but so good teamheidimurphy lovers won t want to miss thisThere are also excerpts from two of my other favorite authors Bink Cummings and Phoenyx Slaughter as well as a new to me author Sapphire KnightThis is an amazing deal and from what I understand the box set will only be available for a limited time so don t miss it 45 Royalty StarsThis box set is a must read This series is a uniue MC ROMANCE with its complex characters and true romance Although there is a plethora of hot biker dudes and action to New Cutting Edge Elementary Students' Book keep you entertained it is the love between Rock and Hope that willeep you coming back for Check out my reviews for each book BOOK 1Slow BurnhttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowBOOK 2Corrupting Cinderellahttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshow BOOK 3Strength from LoyaltyhttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowOverall this series is a beautiful read full of steam romance and hot bikers I cannot say enough about the complex characters and beautiful romance in this series Get your KINDLE stocked up now ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit What else is there to say I LOVE this series Go get your copy NOW I already have the first three books in the Lost Kings series but it s nice to have them all in one space Plus this was a great deal The author added bonus material that isn t available anywhere else including two never before scenes Those scenes alone are worth grabbing Road to Royalty Trust me you don t want to miss Wrath teaching Hope how to use a gun I can t say enough good things about this series It s not a heavy dirty motorcycle club series It s a must have for any true Romance Reader Fabulous CollectionI love MC books and I m always on the lookout for new ones and the books in this collection were such a surprise I loved the first one Slow Burn and the second Corrupting Cinderella but then they got even better with Strength from Loyalty and although it s not in this collection the forth book Tattered on my Sleeve Slow Burn 4 starsRochlan Rock North is the president of the Lost Kings MC he s a good president who runs a good club he always puts the club first after all it s his family but the first time he sees Hope he s gone he Meditation Express: Stress Relief in 60 Seconds Flat knows she s the one for him and after the life he s led the irony that s she s married is not lost on himThe synopsis for this book is good so there s no point giving my usual summary I ll just let younow how I feel about itThis is a very tame MC read and while I normally prefer mine a little gritty this worked for me it s ultimately a romance and while there s the initial insta attraction it s not rushed we re allowed time to get to now the characters and get a feel for them and their personalitiesBoth Rock and Hope are interesting intelligent and likeable there s no TSTL moments or silly misunderstandings that lead on to yet misunderstandings you now what I meanRock is thoughtful and ind he s not afraid to show how he feels and I loved that he treats women with respect all women he s old enough to be comfortable in his own skin and he isThis book held me from the first page to the last although the ending was a bit of a non ending this is the first book in this series and their story continues on in Corrupting Cinderella which I m starting as soon as I ve finished this reviewSo on the whole I loved this book but then I love romance and this is in my opinion a very good romanceIt also has some very strong secondary LIMITED EDITION BOX SET THREE FULL LENGTH NOVELS OVER 225000 WORDS PLUS NEVER BEFORE SEEN CONTENT ROAD TO ROYALTY LOST KINGS MC SERIES BOX SET INCLUDES SLOW BURN LOST KINGS MC #1 CORRUPTING CINDERELLA LOST KINGS MC #2 STRENGTH FROM LOYALTY LOST KINGS MC #3 BONUS CONTENT Glossary Character Interviews Two BRAND NEW NEVER RELEASED BONUS SCENESPreview of TATTERED ON MY SLEEVE LOST KINGS MC #4 by Autumn Jones Lake Also includes excerpts from two other HOT MC Romance authors. ,

Haracters which should make the "Future Books Interesting Like "books interesting looks like could be very good seriesWhy 4 stars and not 5it s told in the first person plus Rock and Hope and while I love dual POVs it wasn t always clear who s POV we were getting it would have worked so much better for me anyway just to have had the name at the sideCorrupting Cinderella 4 starsIn this the second book in this series Hope struggles with Rocks world it s all new to her not only doesn t she now where she stands she doesn t even Communicating With Animals : The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals know the rules of the game but Rock is behind her every step of the way protecting and helping when he can even when she doesn t realise or want it but Rock s not always going to be there and Hope is going to have to find her place in the club if there s any chance at all for the two of themNot only does Hope have to find her way in Rocks life amongst the club girls and bikers but she s not used to having a partner whoeeps secrets from her club business is club business and this is difficult for her she s independent and headstrong but she has a big heart the uestion is will this heart ease her way into his family or will it break under the misunderstandingsCould Rock be the perfect male he s hot of course but he s also honest loyal and faithful and he loves and isn t afraid to show how much he cares and this is so much refreshing than I expected The job of introducing Hope into his life is not an easy one and he takes it one step at a time never lying to her and it can t be easy for him especially when the past Robot Programming keeps jumping upMy only complaint is that Hope started to annoy me a bit towards the end of the book I got a little fed up of her running away every time something came up that she didn t like she s a lawyer and should therefore understand that communication helps Inow it s difficult since at times she feels out of her depth but it s the main reason for the 4 and not 5 star ratingThis is a great book a beautiful romance a continuation of their story and like the previous book there s no end as such but also no cliffhanger it just leaves it open for the next book leaving us to decide if we want to continue with them on their journey together or leave them to itStrength from Loyalty 5 starsRock and Hopewhere do I start over the past 5 days I ve read their story at first I wasn t sure what to expect I generally like my MC books dark and gritty or do I Was it just that that s what I d come to expect or did I just appreciate the varietyAnd this is different it s very much an MC but it s an MC with heart It s a romance a strong believable romance with very real characters flaws and all although not too many where Rock s concernedIt s hard not to fall in love with these two well not just Rock and Hope there s a whole host of interesting well written characters to love but back to the main twoRock I uestioned in one of my reviews if Rock was the perfect man he s hot intelligent has a huge heart and he loves Hope with all that heart and I always love a man who loves so deeplyHope I really liked well most of the time nearly all the time really it was just the running at the first sign of trouble that got to me after awhile I wanted to glue that girl to her seat at timesTheir relationship was filled with passion sex and friendship but also despair loss and understanding I did mention sex didn t I lots of itThis is a very emotional read and there s some difficult scenes in here but they re incredibly well written and my 5 star rating is for them than anything elseThis series has been so much than just these two I love Wrath and Trinity and I can t wait for their book both are complex characters with interesting pasts also Z and Lilly and what about Heidi Axel and Murphy I was team Murphy all the way but now I m wavering Axel is a great idoh I now it s going to be Murphy it s always been Murphy well in my opinion anyway but I can t wait for the ride to get there OMG If the first three books in this series weren t amazing enoughyou get the added bonus scenes as welland what a treat the Lost Kings MC books are to readThis was one smart well written and wonderful seriesI like a lot of maturity and intelligence in my biker books Just because the genre is flooded with what I would term as sensationalized biker porn filled with insta sex hook ups violent and torturous club wars and badass alpha males treating all the women like bitches doesn t mean they are Bink Cummings and Phoenyx Slaughter SLOW BURN Lost Kings MC Book #1 Original publication date October 14 2014 Forced to represent an outlaw biker a married attorney must come to terms with her feelings for her client while avoiding the danger he brings into her sedate life CORRUPTING CINDERELLA Lost Kings MC Book #2 Original publication date December 2 2014 Although attorney Hope Kendall cares deeply for President of the Lost Kings MC Rochlan Rock North the truth is

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