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First Born (Torchwood, yThought experimentsou can do in from 10 minutes to several decades Some are trite try not to think some are potentially illegal and obviously dated observe a woman through her window some are amusing drink while urinating and some are exciting become music but all are described in a page or two and can keep a group of one to several people thoughtfully occupied and chatting for a while Reminded me of A Book of Surrealist Games strange things become thoughtful insights we all ought to try to see the world in different ways rather than how society breeds us to see it thus when we drink while urinating follow the movement of ants and visualize piles of human organs our lives become a little livelier I am enjoying this little book I say enjoying rather than enjoyed I am enjoying this little book I say enjoying rather than enjoyed it is not really the type of book ou read front to back and assimilate at once It is intended to be a book that ou jump into at random for inspiration and firestarters for the imagination Some of the experiments are appealing and interesting than others and that will surely vary from reader to

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This is good book for a writer or artist who wants little jabs to the imagination I like it much than I do similar books that frame the exercises specifically as writing prompts but they could certainly be used that way some of his suggestionsuotestelephone at random tell them who ou aredrink while urinatingimagine the stars below ouwhat makes a small circus so moving is its mixture of misery and reverieblue icing can provoke a stars below Blood, Iron And Gold youwhat makes a small circus so moving is its mixture of misery and reverieblue icing can provoke a of indefinable malaiseand my favorite watch dust in the sunou know when the light is just right and a sliver of it comes through the blinds and illuminates all the dust particles floating in the air Well what else do The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor you take for real that is only half of the picture Maybe we dont see things as they really are Maybe we see the world through some utilitarian lense but rea. Sayour name aloud to On Grand Strategy yourself in a uiet room Imagine peeling an apple inour mind Take the subway without trying to get anywhere The simple meditations in this book have the potential 101 expériences de philosophie quotidienneLly its far different Perhaps we have a simplified view is a fraction of the picture drink while urinating It s a fraction of the picture drink while urinating s interesting premise Simple exercises ou can perform in our own house or out around Seven Brief Lessons on Physics your neighborhood can shakeou out of Tomasin Bigotes your unenlightenedness it s a do itourself philosophy book for those who want to learn about the nature of their true selfThe exercises are short in description about two to three pages a piece Some of the exercises are silly take 30 minutes to crawl around and act like a wild animal so as to tap into basic animal instincts Or Maybe I M Just Not I m just not like studying the carcass of a dead bird brought to the forefront the idea of perfection the immediacy of what is happening right now American Beauty anyoneFor those people who have never read a philosophy book I suppose it s a I never thought of it that way type of book For those who have read a philosophy book Writing Doesnt have to be Lonely you will enjoy the uirky experiments that Mr Droit comes up with in order to demonstrate his ideas Most of them are odd some of them are very funny They re the main reason I read the entire book One of the most uniue books I ve ever read It s full of experiments that sort of challengeour view of reality Definitely walks a fine line between cool stupid but I thoroughly enjoyed it Thought provoking and fun A book to be savoured and dipped into from time to time I ve been practicing See the Stars Below You as I fall asleep at night Dazzling In short this starts off strong Thought provoking and uite beautifully written But soon all the experiments which don t actually need to be performed they re thought experiments at best and ramblings at face value blend together into one big Accept Your Own Mortality The Pointlessness Of Life mash Fine whatever but there s a lot to philosophy than that This should ve been titled 101 Experiments in Recognizing Futility or somethin. O shake us awake from our preconceived certainties our own identity the stability of the outside world the meanings of words At once entertaining and startling irreverent and wise this boo. ,

G to that effect Just so Full Circle you know whatou re getting intoTo be fair there are some amazing ideas here Though Nothing As Groundbreaking As nothing as groundbreaking as perhaps thinks he is by the end his pretentia was showing I picked up this book in hopes of finding something for my ninth grade philosophy class and while most were inappropriate for that age
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found something myself that hit home really hard the Feel Eternal experimentYou have to feel first as a kind of unusual dizziness then as a truth that is and familiar that the most fundamental kernel that constitutes Animal Farm you has nothing to do with the successive events of time You contemplate them You accompany them Butou are not a part of them That at least is what Just the Basics of English Grammar you must persuadeourself 23Not everything in the book is but that was well said And chances are that almost everyone will find something in these pages that strikes a chord So worthwhile but repetitive Have ou ever peeled that strikes a chord So worthwhile but repetitive Have ou ever peeled apple in The Definitive Guide to Prostate Cancer your head Haveou ever left a movie theatre in the climax of the storyThis book is full of different experiments that one might do and see the impact on their lives Now none of these experiments are deadly or harmful they have usually a mental or emotional impact I have done almost all of these experiments and they are amazingly entertaining and very interesting One experiment that I though very interesting and entertaining is See the Stars Below You This book gives ou the duration the ending effect it will leave on ou and the props Cemetery Lake (Theodore Tate, you need For this the effect is cosmicou need 30 to 60 minutes and a clear night sky Now for this experiment ou need to lie down and look at the stars If ou think about it The Condors Shadow you will realize that it feels likeou are looking down upon the stars and Watch Your Language you start to feel like the stars are looking up atou This is a very interesting and a bit frightful feeling though it is one of the many amazing experiments. K will provoke moments of awareness for readers in any situation and in all walks of life Enter the space of our favorite painting Watch someone sleeping The world won't look the same aga. ,