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Sword of the Ronin The Ronin Trilogy #2Read this book as part of Goodreads Firstreads program I didn t love the first book in the series because I thought that the protagonists were just drifting through their world I felt like that got a bit better in the book but overall I jus I am enjoying this series much than I thought I would What makes it interesting than a run of the mill story of an orphan finding a place in society is the interesting mix of a feudal world with elements of fantasy I like the characters feudal world with elements of fantasy I like the characters really enjoy the uotes from Japanese literature Perfect Just great A rich engaging morally complex historical fantasy deeply embedded in Japanese cultureThis is the second novel in a series but I must tell you up front that I had not read the first I supported the ickstarter project that launched the book and recieved the ebook as a rewardAt first it took me a little while to sink into this book Something about the style was unsettlingand it occurred to me that the book reads like a translation from the Japanese The syntax is just a little different the passages of poetry or other Japanese works that open each chapter often flow naturally into the style of the narrative itself a fascinating phenomenon and one that speaks well for Heermann s linguistic ear The author lived in Japan for several years So on to the story We meet young ronin Ken ishi working as a constable in a small fishing village defending the week denying the child of the former prostitute whom he saved from the life even as he enjoys the company of both mother and child Ken ishi s choices including how he treats this family that might or might *Not Be His Were Often *be his were often as well Once I nearly set it down again but when I read on past the moment that rankled I found Ken ishi the stronger for itHis mindset and the world he lives in are decidedly non Western and the reader expecting a straightforward fantasy narrative might be surprised by some of the turns but the book rewards the curious reader with moving relationships visceral battle scenes and all the marvels of Japanese mythologyNot for the faint of heart Sword of the Ronin balances action with intimate drama as both reader and hero uestion the way forward and move through a landscape of war and legends to just the right moment of balance before the third volume I for one will be looking forward to it To be truly happy a man must forget the past and the future Another fine foray in the history of medieval Japan seen through the lens of the fantastic Every moment is a wonder not something to be endured on the way to elsewhere Heermann propels the reader into the culture and times of one of the greatest threats to Japanese independence and the forging of a sense of nationhood among the Japanese warrior class who

had focused themselves on maneuvering fighting each other One should not love anything in the world too much Ken ishi is western enough to be recognizable among American readers He makes a good everyman reacting to both fantastic and historical elements of his story This book s macro setting is the first Mongol invasion of Japan in 1274 Master oneself in all things Few uibbles over style or details All is presented in a way respectful to Japanese history and culture while incorporating fantastic elements which presumably the Japanese themselves would recognize Life would be so much simpler without other people. Ure intrigue sympathetic characters puts it in a pressure cooker and serves it with a side of Awesome Sword of the Ronin is his best novel yet and won't disappoint Shaun Farrell Adventures in Sci Fi PublishingSword of the Ronin is a raw and energetic adventure that explores deep and eternal themes such as honor love and betrayal while maintaining a engaging humorous living world It also has an awesome ronin hero who hacks lots of bad people to bits if you're into that sort of thing Which you definitely should be Rich Wulf author of The Heirs of Ash Trilogy.

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Fiction and fantasy that s complex and engaging Deeply embedded in Japanese culture this multilayered masterpiece merges past history together with present day undertones for A TOTALLY UNIUE AND IMAGINATIVE READ totally uniue and imaginative read intricately detailed historical fantasy explores morality and ethics through the well developed characters and those events that ensue Young Ronin Ken ishi makes his own choices in life regarding his family and how he regards them His attitude could be considered unsettling if you were not able to understand this character in depth and the foundations upon which he bases his beliefs and actions Japanese mythology rather than expected western philosophy is drawn upon making this unexpected fantasy less straightforward and unusual in its composition Visceral battle scenes and intense drama form the gritty backdrop of this ambitious read which highlights war legends and the harshness of conflict including those inner battles *that we have with ourselves as a reader *we have with ourselves As a reader begin to uestion yourself as too does the hero in regards to the way forward as a result comprehending what the right or wrong path may be Intimate drama and thrilling action transpire within the second instalment of a satisfying series that reads like a direct Japanese translation and interesting narrative In 13th Century Japan a land of ancient spirits you will find Demons and shape shifting animals alongside dark magic Ken ishi s uest to recover the sword bestowed upon him by his father Silver Crane is one that ultimately expose his true identity and chosen path In a deadly world with Chinese smugglers Mongol spies and ambitious Emperor s Ken ishi is led to his enemy Green Tiger who surprisingly Holds The Key To the ey to past It is not always the darkness surrounding us that need defeating but the darkness that lies within uswithin our own soul Those interested in Japan s culture and history including ancient mythology will find this book an extraordinary read It is certainly not a story for the fainthearted but which touches you with its truth drawing and starkly poignant meaning As a work of fantasy I enjoyed it very much although at times it did cause shivers to run down my spine and turned my blood cold I won a copy of The sword of the Ronin 2 by Travis Heermann through a Goodreads first read giveaway I got this book from the Goodreads First Reads program and when I entered to win it I had not been aware that it was a seuel Had I nown I probably wouldn t have enteredBut for once I am glad that I had acted in ignorance because I might have missed out on a great bookSword of the Ronin follows Ken ishi on his uest to regain his stolen sword Silver Crane and learn about his own mysterious origins Without going into too much detail as I am not very good about summing up books concisely he fights against the criminal underworld of feudal Japan to regain Silver Crane And he befriends a tanuki along the way too Basically it s a really good historical adventure story with fantasy elementsOne thing I really enjoyed about this book is that the characters were well developed and had internal monologues that really gave you a feel for their feelings and motivations without going into overbearing detail I Encounters with Rauschenberg: (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture) know my review doesn t really do the book justice but please consider tracking a copy down Inow I will definitely be checking out the first book in this trilogy Shattered clanWith a wooden sword as his only weapon Ken'ishi descends into the shadowy world of flesh houses Chinese smugglers and Mongol spiesTo succeed and unleash Silver Crane's power he must face the darkness in his own soulFrom the first sentence Travis Heermann weaves a tale that sucked this reader into a rich Japanese tapestry full of ronin samurai and magic It was hard to put this book down to sleep Patrick Hester Hugo Award Winning SFSignalcom and the Functional Nerds PodcastTravis Heermann takes everything I loved about Heart of the Ronin advent. I stumbled across this one when I was looking for some martial arts books for study and it looked interesting Since the first volume was available for free on my Kindle Unlimited account I gave it a spin and rapidly went on to the seuels Although set in feudal Japan and following the story of a ronin a masterless samurai the writing style is very western in its approach which gave them an interesting flavor sort of like watching a completely foreign culture and concept develop from an outside observer s eye The author has a nice little uip on his site Writing fiction set in a far different time and place is challenging The ey is cram as much background information into your brain let it percolate for a while and see what bubbles out And no uestion that s what he s done creating a real image of a very different world than I m familiar with and at the same time letting it develop in a way that I could actually visualize it without feeling lost I loved it This was an amazing installment in this trilogy Thirteenth century Japan has really come alive The characters are amazing I love how the author weaves his way through history and fantasy Highly recommended I received this book from Goodreads First Reads program and it was very nicely signed and personalized by the author which was really nice Of course this is the second book in the trilogy so I was obliged to read the first book as well the review of which can found on Goodreads or While I may have booked up that book out of pseudo necessity so I could read this one I really enjoyed book 1 and was anxious to follow the story of Ken ishi This book picks up after a couple years have passed Ken ishi is still the tenuous constable of his village enjoying the settled life that he had yet to experience as a ronin He is still dealing with the his separation from his first love Kazuko and trying to sort out his feelings for Kiose and his son by her However he also feels somewhat stuck in a rut somehow feeling like his life was meant for than that of a simple constable Finally Green Tiger lurks hunting for Ken ishi s sword Silver Crane and plotting with the Mongols to prepare for their invasion of the islands He manages to steal Silver Crane propelling Ken ishi to leave his village to reclaim it I thought this book was a lot darker than the first Things are bleak for Ken ishi s personal life with an overall sense of teenaged angst and hopelessness in this regard throughout the book There are some brutal torture scenes as well and with a war brewing a lot of fighting I don t think the dark turn detracted from my enjoyment but it did seem a bit much at times In the first book it seemed Like Ken Ishi S Ken ishi s concerns were the main thrust of the story but that the Green Tiger s scheming with of the story but that the Green Tiger s scheming with Mongols seemed destined to be the over arcing story throughout the trilogy That continues in this book with Ken ishi s story intersecting with the Mongols but also now the uest to discover of Ken ishi s familial background and the secrets of Silver Crane have been emphasized It will be interesting to see where Heermann goes from here will it be all about Ken ishi trying to find his place in the world and peace in his heart Will the sword and his heritage be the main plotline going forward Hopefully it doesn t take two and a half years for the third book to come out A
fusion of cultural historical. 13th Century Japan a land of ancient spirits shapeshifting animalsand demons Ken'ishi is a warrior without a master Orphaned in infancy he has only one link to his past Silver Crane his father's swordWhen Silver Crane is stolen Ken'ishi must go on a uest to recover his very identity The crime lord nown as Green Tiger holds the ey to Ken'ishi's past With intrigues stretching to China where the Mongol emperor Khubiliai Khan builds an invasion fleet Green Tiger nows of Silver Crane and dreams of the day when he can destroy the shogunate and restore his.

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