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City Girl in Training rFrom heartbreak When Iealized that two years had elapsed between Provoked and Beguiled I think I maybe had a touch of the vapors But in those two years both evolved Happenstance and Beguiled I think I maybe had a touch of the vapors But in those two years both evolved Happenstance them together and from their first meeting I was Mystery at Kittiwake Bay riveted and ultimately dazzled by the second installment I felt as though my heart were being basted withomance Two years may have passed but it s clear neither of them forget the other The touch of Murdo s mouth made him feel alive his neglected body given meaning by the attentive desire of his lover Each kiss saying you are here in this world with me Make no mistake David and Murdo are the centerpiece of this series but the inclusion of the cast of characters that make up David s inner circle drives the "plot forward These characters were all well constructed can just as "forward These characters were all well constructed can just as break as warm your heart and how their lives intersect with David s and Murdo s made for a couple of verklempt moments I found I Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files rather enjoyed the bird s eye view over the commonplace myopic stories that focus entirely on the couple and their coupletry It enhanced David and to a lesser extent Murdo s characterizations by showing how far they are willing to go in the service of a friend and each other thereby making for aicher story altogetherOne such act of selflessness leads them to Perthshire Murdo s newly acuired estate for a good portion of Enlightened where they ve lapsed into an easy domesticity filled with fishing and walks in the country and unruffling some neighbors feathersWhat moved me and is making this series so difficult to let go of were the subtle changes both these characters made due to the other s influence over the course of their story how they begin to find a way if for no other The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, reason than not to do so would leave them both heartbroken and their futures bleak I do so love couples who bring out the best in each other and make each other happy They still disagree and are truly awful at communicating their feelings but when it does finally happen it s glorious And so them Somehow Murdo had become important to him than anything else Everything he d worked forespectability a shining career wealth all of it would be ashes in his mouth if he lost MurdoTo hell with what I deserve Murdo whispered All I want is you There is sex and chemistry between them obviously and it had its moments BUT I THINK WHAT I LIKED THAN ANYTHING WAS I think what I liked than anything was Murdo cossets David and how comfortable they are with one another All the small uiet moments between them Murdo ubbing David s leg with liniment pestering him about using the cane David wearing Murdo s old clothes to go fishing all the peccadilloes that you know and accept about another person that you live with and the hythm of their shared life All those things made it crystal clear how in love they are and how perfectly they fit together but go unrecognized or are taken for granted until one is faced with the possibility of losing it forever Their level of comfort truly shone in the epilogue The epilogue that killed me dead The prose is lovely and stays true to the time with Chambers folding in a multitude of historical details that strengthened the. Things that trouble him are Murdo’s occasional bouts of preoccupation and the fact that one day soon David will have to An Italian Education return to his legal practice in EdinburghThat day comes too soon when David’s friend and mentor takes to his deathbed and David finds himself agreeing to take on a private mission in London Murdo is at his side in the journey but a shockingevelation by Murdo’s .
Narrative I also eally loved all the Scottish details the streets the cobblestones the wet the tiny pubs Sir Walter the kilts the scotch all eminded me of a wonderful vacation and how much I loved EdinburghThe whole series is magnificent and if you Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, re a historicalomance Daddy Wanted reader Enlightenment is simply a mustead Review copies were provided Book 3 in what has become one of my favorite series Enlightened isperfectIt kills me how much I love this bookthis story this couple this author The writing is so precisea story told so perfectly giving the eader a true essence of the time period the emotions and the struggles of the characters the conflictsturmoil both inside and outwardit s hard not to be completely lost in this book David MurdoTHEIR LOVEurghewlekjelkjewe0just so freaking good The EMOTIONI m

Completely VerklemptI Justcan TGAHThe 
verklemptI justcan tGAHThe of this series is the growth of the characters the 2 MC s separately them together as a couple and even all the supporting charactersit s a journey you get to take with themand it s so worth it But eallythe true highlight is being witness to the BRAVERY it took for David and Murdo to be together and how much they committed to it despite fear or doubt And the glorious endingTHIS IS A TRUE CLASSIC ROMANCE I Snowy River Man really can t gush enough about HOW MUCH I love this series Joanna Chambers writesdeliberately and with purposebut makes it feel effortless This series converted a non historicalomance Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze readerand now all I can think about is horse drawn carriages in Scottish countrysidesYou can alsoead Sara s eview of the book at June 2020 Audiobook 4 45 Stars David he said when they broke apart David He said David s name like it meant something all on its own Like a vow Like A Promise Gahhhhhhh This a promise Gahhhhhhh this floored me and I m officially in book heaven I don t emember the last time I finished a book with than 200 pages in one go but this was one of those Malakai (Wicked Games, rare occasions when I simply forgot everything around me so completely engrossed in the story and even tempted to neglect my horse Nah noteally but I might have hurried up a bit because I guess the alternative of unning through the stable with my eyes glued to my Kindle would have yielded me some funny looks not least from my horse The ending to Murdo and David s "Story Was Simply Perfect And "was simply perfect and one day later I m sitting here with a dopey grin on my face and my mind still in the Scottish Highlands By the way sorry for swamping you with Murdo visuals but I just cannot help it sonotsorrySooo still any doubts how much I loved it PERFECTION It s just I ve loved you for so long David I eally didn t think you felt the same way I ve been fully immersed in David and Murdo s story this week and my only Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, regret is that I didn t finish this series soonerTrust meif youe a fan of MM The Family Plan romance and Historicalomance this series is a MUST A Family Practice readI m very late to the party herethere are so many greateviews about so I ll just sayMURDOI honestly couldn t love a character I feel as though I should be uoting Shakespearesomething profound to explain how much I adored this character but I ll just show how much I was into himview spoiler hide spoile. Uthless father leaves David uestioning everything they’ve sharedAs tensions mount and the stakes grow higher David and Murdo are forced to ask themselves how far they’re prepared to go and how much they’re prepared to give up to stay together And whether there’s any chance of lasting happiness for men like themWarning Men in love men with secrets and men armed with dueling pistol. ,
EnlightenedI can honestly say that this is one of the best historical malemale novels that I have ead It s so genuine so Celebrity Bachelor riveting it s a historical page turner It was a joy to spend time with Murdo and David The best part about the book was fina Love should not be denied I m not sure how I llecover from this series I ve For Better and Worse read someemarkable historicals but this was exceptional and I fear my book hangover will be epicI Cassidys Kids (Maitland Maternity, read these in succession Honestly I don t know how you couldead one and not them all They Rescuing the Texans Heart re like potato chips and I m infinitely grateful I did not have to wait between chips Provoked set the stage and drew me into this world just on the tail end of the Regency period in Scotland Edinburgh plays as large aole in Enlightenment as any character which is told from David Lauriston s perspective We follow him on a journey of self discovery as he falls in love with Lord Murdo Balfour and finds his truest selfDavid is a self made man He chose to go to university to study law Wrangled (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., rather than stay on his family s farm He s difficult peevish His views on the world and his place in it are practical and somewhat inflexible He s got a vision of his life and though lonely he s committed to it His morals don t allow much leeway thus he s decided to never marry and have to live a lie He s gay and self loathing about it because he s been indoctrinated in the fire and brimstone which makes his future happiness seem an unlikelihood if not an outright impossibility This time period as confining and provincial as it most certainly is makes for a brilliant canvas on which to paint an exuisiteomance filled with sexual tension that lingers in the memory and is what keeps me coming back to this genre again and again He d been convinced that his fascination with the act his desire for other men was a sign of a weak and sinful nature Something to be suppressed at all costs I can t even imagine how difficult it would be to believe oneself anything other than abhorrent when constantly inundated with the sentiment that homosexuality is not only a sin but a crime a crime with a hefty penalty Chambers did a tremendous job of making this worldview the cornerstone of David s character David s beliefs are based as much on the law as the views egarding homosexuality and his being a lawyer makes them that much ingrained Thus he only allows himself the occasional furtive and anonymous tryst then hates himself afterwards and turns to scotch as a panaceaMurdo is David s opposite He s hedonistic charismatic outgoing witty wealthy and maybe a little akish The Romantic Rascal as it were He s so easy to like So easy But I loved them both eually Murdo s character isn t simplistic but he wears his heart on his sleeve which made him easy for me to ead so I didn t mind not having his perspective I think he fell in love with David during their first meeting that segued into a debauched back alley blow job God but I want to do everything to you segued into a debauched back alley blow job God but I want to do everything to you want you in my hand I want you in my mouth want to do everything to you I want you in my hand I want you in my mouth want to bury my tongue inside you and fuck you forever David is such a challenge for him though and I think his pulling away was a way of protecting himself. The cruelest duel may not spill a drop of bloodbut it could break their heartsEnlightenment Book 3Five months ago David Lauriston was badly hurt helping his friend Elizabeth escape her violent husband Since then David has been living with his lover Lord Murdo Balfour while he ecuperatesDespite the pain of his injuries David’s time with Murdo has been the happiest of his life The only.