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Double Deception (Code Name: Danger eJoy his prose which is light as air and satisfies on so many levels I ve read this bookvery year since 1991 and it is never the same book Like so many things in this world The Sun Also Rises improves with age and attentionSome readings I find myself in love with Lady Brett Ashley Then I am firmly in Jake Barnes camp feeling his pain and wondering how he stays sane with all that happens around him Another time I can t help but feel that Robert Cohn is getting a shitty deal and find his behavior not only understandable but restrained Or I am with Mike and Bill and Romero on the periphery where the hurricane made by Brett and Jake and Robert destroys spirits or fun or nothing which is decidedly somethingAnd then I am against them all as though they were my sworn Wicked Lies (Men of Summer, enemies or my family No matter what I feel while reading The Sun Also Rises it is Hemingway s richest novel for me I feel it was written for me And sometimes feel it was written by me I surely wish it wasHemingway s language his characterizations his love for all the people he writes about no matter how unsavory they may be his love of women and men hismpathy with the pain people feel in life and love his touch with locale his integration of sport as metaphor and setting his getting Grave Tattoo everything just right with nothing out of place and nothing superfluous all of this makes The Sun Also Rises his most important novelIt is the Hemingway short story writ large It is the book he should be remembered for but isn t I often wonder why that is and the conclusion I come to is this The Sun Also Rises is too real too true too painful for the average reader to stomach And many who can are predisposed to hate HemingwayA terrible shame that so many miss something so achingly beautiful My feelings haven t changed since my last re read of The Sun Also Rises myarlier review is below I m still amazed at how fully the characters come alive on the page I don t think The Sun Also Rises is for Georgia and the Tycoon everyone however nearly from beginning tond I m Churchills Trial engaged in the story Just finished a re read of The Sun Also Rises my favorite Hemingway book last read in 2014 I didn t provide a review at the time so I thought I would try toxplain why this book speaks to me First it is deceptively A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries easy to fall into with its short sentences and simple language Nothing is forced However it is the mood Hemingway creates in this novel which reallyngages me Perhaps that says as much about me as it does about the novel The appeal is not so mu THIS BOOK IS ABOUT A MAN IN SPAIN HE GETS FRIENDZONED This may be my favorite book of all time At any rate it s definitely on the top ten list and by far my favorite Hemingway and I do love some Hemingway The first time I read this I loved Lady Brett Ashley Is she a bitch Sure but I don t think she Lakeside Redemption ever intentionally sets out to hurt anyone And it might be argued that she has reason to be one her first true love dies in the war from dysentery notxactly the most noble of deaths and she s physically threatened by Lord Ashley forced to sleep on the floor beside him and his loaded gun and let s clarify thatno that s not a In Pursuit of a Princess euphemism just in case you re a perv Then we have the one man who might make her happy Jake Barnes Poor poor Jake who doesn t have a gun let alone a loaded one yup that s auphemism snicker away I think Brett is one of the most tragic figures in American literature Disillusioned by the war and how it irrevocably changed her life she tries to fill the void with alcohol and sex and destroys herself in the process However upon rereading the novel I realized how clipsed Jake had been by Brett during my first reading I also realized how I had misinterpreted him during my first reading I thought Jake was as lost as the rest of the Lost Generation but I now believe that he is the only one who is not lost with "THE EXCEPTION OF BILL GORTON WHOSE LINE THE ROAD "exception of Bill Gorton whose line The road hell paved with unbought stuffed dogs may be my favorite in the book If there s anyone with reason to give up on life it s Jake Does he pine for Brett Yes Does he come to hate Cohn for his affair with Brett Affirmative Does he get over Brett and realize that ven if properly uipped for a sexual relationship a relationship with her would nd as tragically as all of her other conuests abso damn lutely after all brett conuests Abso damn lutely After all Brett Circe according to Cohn and anyone lured into her bed will lose their manhood The success of the relationship between Brett and Jake hinges on the fact that Jake literally has nothing to lose in this respect Cross posted at This Insignificant Cinder If I were Hemingway s English teacher or anyone s any kind of teacher I d say This reads like a screenplay than a novel Where are your descriptions where is the Dark Awakening emotionAnd he would say something like The lack of complex descriptions helps focus on the complexities andmptiness of the characters lives and the motion is there it s only just beneath the surface struggling to be freeAnd I d say OK I ll move ya from a C to CBasically The Sun Also Rises shows that Hemingway liked bullfights a lot than most of the people Reading His Books And That He Was Vain But Also his books and that he was vain but also himself While the characters are wittily funny from time to time the whole thing doesn t hold a candle to I don t know Seinfeld Without being told Ah yes this is about the true character of America you d think it was just a drab romance novel with subtleties than mostSpeaking of how was this about America It was about America s lite Most Americans in 1926 weren t hanging out in France and Spain moaning about their lives They were hanging out in America trying to make it You know without dying Pretentious with poor descriptions and transparent characters I can give a character a subtle injury too and have it pain him does that make me amazing The Sun Also Rises is one of the most overrated books I ve Family Men ever read I d rather read a 1926 newspaper Oh to have been Ernest Hemingway Except for the whole shotgun thing He was a man back when that meant something Whatever that means He had it all a haunted past functional alcoholism a way with words a way with women and one hell of a beard I mean this was the guy who could measure F Scott Fitzgerald s penis without anyone batting anye He was just that cool I love Hemingway You might have guessed that but let s make it clear off the bat For Whom the Bell Tolls is in my top five all time fave books there s nothing better than a literary novel about blowing up a bridge The Old Man and the Sea is a fever dream A Farewell Arms is one of the most Creative Participation exuisitively depressing things I vever read Despite my high xpectations The Sun Also Rises does not rise get it to the level of those books Or maybe I m an idiot It s possible This book is supposedly one of his masterpieces if not his magnum opus I thought it was gulp kinda boring Generally I attempt to avoid using the word boring in a review It s a broad vague and diluted descriptor a subjective one off that doesn t tell you anything Its use is better suited for a bitter 10th grader s five paragraph them. Eux pas devenir comme ça Je me sens vraiment bien tu sais vraiment d'aplomb Tant mieuxElle détourna les yeux Je crus u'elle cherchait. ,

Fulfilling book riot s 2018 read harder challenge task 24 An assigned book you hated or never finishedthe three star rating is from my first go round from my memory of reading it in high school and seems higher than the truth let s see how karen njoys this tale of a busted peen weary Cognitive Radio Networks expatriates and bullfighting as an adultobviously this was going to be the read harder task i saved for last i can hold a book grudge as well as anyone and i don t need to be wasting any of my precious reading time on a book that has already displeased me once but i approached the task in good faith of all the books i havever been assigned in my life there were only two i could remember disliking this AP Personnel Management in Government english junior year and The Red Pony honorsnglish 8th grade since i have loved Out of This World every other steinbeck i have read but as far as hemingway goes i ve only read this and maybe a short story here or there it seemed magnanimous to give papa a shot with an older wiser karenolder wiser karen didn t love itither older wiser karen has read The Alexandria uartet and so has very little patience for any tale of the romantic or platonic The Time It Never Rained entanglements of a buncha boozy and worldwearyxpats that is not as beautifully written as Justine however you can play a fun drinking game with this one using the ndless repetition of words like swell and chap and tight or a game of millennial outrage bingo for all the occurrences of nigger and faggot and the baked in misogyny and anti semitic flavor although it s possible that it s not anti semitic so much as it is characters disliking one particular jewish character who it must be said is pretty irritating smug clingy thirsty on that last point veryone in this whole damn book is thirsty in the non slang sense there is some truly heroic drinking going on in this book one imagines a row of rotting livers wincing at the Childrens Phantasies excess This is a good place he saidThere s a lot of liuor I agreed why this wasis assigned at a high school level is bewildering unless as a cautionary tale to teen drinking assigning books like this is what makes teens think they hate reading there s nothing in this that speaks to a teen audience sure teens can read it understand the words identify the themes but that s the work part of it without the pleasure there just isn t anything here to relate to for that age kids full to the brim with sexual sap aren t going to appreciate the incel woes of a man with a war wounded peen resignedly drowning his feels for a vigorous lusty woman obsessive love yes but the uiet sputtering disappointment of said obsessive love bitch please you give those kids what they want you feed their need for drama and trauma you give them Wuthering Heights you give them The Great Gatsby you give themverybody s dead and ruined and glamorously broken by the nd not just some dusty guy drifting from place to place watching a woman burn figuratively this book is xhausting it is about The Soviet Union exhaustionmotional moral physical romantic spiritual intellectual Gods and Heroes exhaustion the one thing i wasn t when i was 16 wasxhausted and while i am Science, Technology and Culture exhausted now as weary and brokendown as many of the grinning through it characters in this book it didn t leave any particular impression on me this timeither is this a book report yet probably not but it s what you re getting three stars because why not and also Moby Dick or The Whale but i already gave that asshole his second chancecome to my blog Funny Brett said How one doesn t mind the blood 4th reading IMHO this is one of the No Beast So Fierce essential books of life It never fails It possesses for the right reader annormity of narrative pleasure and it grips from the very first line Some notesThe passage at the Paris nightclub with the gay boys doesn t bother me as it used to Our narrator Jake knows he s being unreasonable The ueers with whom Brett arrives at the club have working penises and choose not to use them on her To a man made impotent by war a young man in love with her their preference must seem like a kind of madness Moreover there may be a fear on his part that he s becoming like them That is indifferent to female sexuality He s not of course not motionally Now we ve left Paris taking the train to Bayonne Then in an open car up the dusty roads to the plateau and Pamplona From here Jake and Bill go to Burguete to do some fly fishing while Robert Cohn returns to San Sebasti n to await Brett and fianc Mike The trip on the bus to Burguete through the stark countryside while Jake and Bill drink wine with the Basues dazzles lifts one s spirits The fishing seuences on the Irati River are beautifully spartan Then after five days the fishermen are back in Pamplona Mike and Brett are about to complete the five some So now we ve got three men together in Pamplona who ve slept with Brett Jake the narrator Robert Cohn who walks around in stunned rapture at the sight of her and her fianc Mike Jake is through with her and he knows it But Cohn is like a child always staring fianc Mike Jake is through with her and he knows it But Cohn is like a child always staring her and the new bankrupt Mike doesn t like it They all go to watch the bulls arrive at the ring Steers are brought in to calm the bulls This usually nds with most of the steers being gored After returning to the caf Mike refers to Cohn as a steer for the mute worshiping manner in which he follows Brett around He rounds on Cohn I d like to include the dialogue on pp 141 144 here it s so beautifully compressed but too long to copy out Though it seems to me a key part of the novel in this sense Jake after a painful meeting with Brett back in Paris after which he wept seems for the moment to have let her go But then it occurs to the reader how much pain this appearance of non interest in Brett is causing Jake Last Chance Bride even though the subject is never openly alluded to Hemingway was a master of cutting things out of not talking about thelephant in the room I ve read and reread this passage and Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy every time it surprises me anew Then the fiestaxplodes with two rockets over the main suare and the peasants who until then have been drinking copiously but uietly in the outer town come rushing into the main suare like it s Time Suare on New Years Eve in the old days that is packed without neat fire Lanes Instantly The Peasants Instantly the peasants Brett like some kind of Madonna They usher her and the others into a wine shop These are among the most heartwarming moments in the book for our five adventurers are treated like nobility and the author captures the wonderful manners of the local people The description is spare yet rich in atmospherics The Lawman Lover (Outlaws, end is a knockout Jake is held in odium because he has allowed the bullfight to be compromised Whereas before Jake and the hotel owner Montoya sawach other as fellow aficionados now Jake is seen as a disappointment to say the least if not a corrupter of the fight There are dozens of plot points I m not touching on here Please read it Note Hemingway was loaded with silly machismo and he could be City Girl in Training egomaniacal If you re going to read him you must let go of his reputation Otherwise you ll just sit in judgement and won t be able ton. 'Elle éteignit sa cigarette J'ai trente uatre ans tu sais Je ne veux pas être une de ces garces ui débauchent les nfants Non Je ne E turned in on the last day of school after that tenth grader skimmed twenty pages read the Cliffs Notes version and stayed up all night typing with two fingers I try to hold my Goodreads reviews to a slightly higher standard the standard of an 11th grader who is taking summer school classes to get a jump on senior year Really though that was my impression boring Of course I didn t read this while lapping sangria in Madrid which I ve heard will heighten this novel s overall ffect The Sun Also Rises tells the story of Jake Barnes an Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files ex patriate living in Paris He was wounded in World War I and is now impotent He is in love with Ashley who is a What did they call sluts in thearly 20th Century Because that s sort of what she is though she has a tender place in her heart for Jake to whom she keeps returning Jake is a journalist apparently haunted by the war and he spends his time drinking in Paris There s also a guy named Robert Cohn a former boxer who s also in love with Ashley Bill and Mike also hang around Mike was originally in a relationship with Ashley before he lost her to Cohn who in turn loses her to a Spanish bullfighter The plot as it is involves a bunch of drinking in Paris Jake drinks a lot stumbles home then drinks some before falling asleep The drinking and stumbling home reminds me of my own life which is worth at least one star Jake The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, eventually takes the train to Spain to do some fishing Hemingway describes the scene inxcruciating detail and you really get a feel for the placeThen the road came over the crest flattened out and went into a forest It was a forest of cork oaks and the sun came through the trees in patches and there were cattle grazing back in the trees We went through the forest and the road came out and turned along a rise of land and out ahead of us was a rolling green plain with dark mountains beyond it These were not like the brown heat baked mountains we had left behind These were wooded and there were clouds coming down from them The green plain stretched off It was cut by fences and the white of the road showed through the trunks of a double line of trees that crossed the plain towards the northThe book goes on in this manner for some time It s as though Hemingway has turned into an louent Garmin device Step by step The walk to the creek The heat of the sun The taste of the wine It is all very vivid and beautifully written but really it didn t go anywhere It seemed like filler Something to break up the constant drinking while the drinking breaks up the Spanish travelogue The lack of a plot normally wouldn t bother me much but the book as a whole just wasn t working for me I didn t care for the characters who are mostly drunken indolent well off whiners Also I was intensely jealous of the characters who are mostly drunken indolent well off whiners In other words aspirational figures Really though I just wanted out of this book Hemingway s other works have burrowed deep into my consciousness so that I find myself referring back to them time and again The Sun Also Rises did not achieve this feat Eventually Jake s merry band of drunkards go to Pamplona to watch the bullfights There is drinking Fighting Drinking Bullfighting Drinking Drinking Passing out Drinking I actually got a contact drunk from reading this book I imagine that sex also occurred somewhere in the midst of the drinking and the bulls and the overflowing testosterone but Hemingway is discrete There are some good things here As I mentioned arlier Hemingway is a master of description His prose is deceptively simple his declarations actually do a great deal to put you there into the scene with immediacy The book also features one of Hemingway s most famous uotes Nobody lives life all the way up An Italian Education except bullfighters For some reason that line has taken on a kind of profundity though I have to admit I almost missed it in context The best part of the book is the last lines uttered by Jake Barnes Isn t it pretty to think so I ll leave it to you to determine its meaning As for me I am anxiously awaiting the moment when after a night of hard drinking I can use this line on someone who has just uttered an inane commentAlas I m still waiting for that moment And that gives me all thexcuse I need to keep sidling up to the bar ordering a whiskey straight with a whiskey back and chatting up the people around me in the hopes that one of the drunks I meet will also be a Hemingway fan I was sitting on the patio of a bar in Key West Florida It was August it was hot The bar was on the beach where there was lots of sand and water In the water I saw dolphins and waves The dolphins jumped and the waves wavedMy glass water I saw dolphins and waves The dolphins jumped and the waves wavedMy glass mpty The waiter walked up to my table More absinthe miss He asked No I better not burp I put my hand over my glass What I learned from this book in no particular order 1 Jews are stubborn2 Being a my glass What I learned from this book in no particular order 1 Jews are stubborn2 Being a in Princeton sucks3 Being impotent sucks specially if you are in love with a beautiful woman4 A beautiful woman is built with curves like the hull of a racing boat Women Make Swell Friends5 If make swell friends5 If suffer from domestic abuse the best way to work it out is by going through as many men as possible in the shortest time and then discard them like wet tissues once you re done if you happen to be pretty Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, enough to attract scores of them that is6 The best way to work outxistential angst is to drink your way through France and Spain7 The Left Bank sucks Being an Daddy Wanted expat sucks8 Spain sucksxcept for the bullfighting Bullfights are swell9 Nobody Forbidden Stranger ever lives their life all the way upxcept bullfighters Bulls have no balls10 People who run with the bulls are suckersOther Random ObservationsNo of times the word swell is used 13No of alcohol units consumed by the protagonist Dunno Too tight to count HicHemingway might have perfectly captured the Lost Generation s times but he also succeeded in inducing a profound Snowy River Man ennui in mespecially during the long stretches in which the characters none who is terribly interesting to begin with do nothing Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze except drink I m a little tight you know Amazing isn t it Did you see my nose and flirt withach other These passages are tediously repetitive and the Les brumes d'avalon : roman effect is like being trapped in a Left Bank caf with a bunch of casual acuaintances who insist on regaling you with boring anecdotes from their boozy Spain road trip After a while youryes start to glaze and your attention wanders you begin to take in the Belle Epogue interior the cute waiter the way the afternoon sun casts interesting patterns on the white tablecloth anything that is interesting than the dull main narrative I just didn t care for any of them and that Brett woman is a biatch Why is Malakai (Wicked Games, everyone so desperately in love with her They told me that her former husband slept with a gun under his pillow but who is she really And I wish thatveryone would stop whining and being glib for a while so that they can tell me about that wonderful Basue country But no they always return to these tedious unaffecting love trianglesYou guys are the Lost Generation indeed. Une autre cigarette Puis je vis u'elle pleurait u'elle tremblait t u'elle pleurait Elle évitait de me regarder Je la pris dans mes bra.

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