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St so cleverly intertwined and look forward to their futuresTruly this author has a lovely style Her work for Those Who Don T Know who on t know has been featured on Figmentcom for uite a while now Following her there has been fantastic Seeing her work being published is what We Figgies have been waiting for Deathless Press id a beautiful job printing up this little gem of a bookThe intricate escriptions and wording were exceptional The continued references to the forest brought cohesion to the story The mori girl reference was awesome those natural vivacious young girls in Japan whose clothes place them right in the middle of a forest are such strong image Not only are the clothing references so interesting parallel to all that becomes the forest but also the references to humidity with the times Harriet s hair becomes frizzed once outdoors well who among us has not had that happen Wintergreen and mint it pulls us back to the forest again and again through our senses as well as Seven Steps To Designing Your Own Ham Equipment description It s the very personal element that makes me believe I could be Harriet trying so hard to find Stig The charm of the trains the train yard and finally their train journey together is something we relate to The thing I like most is when a writer can bring in the familiar the reader can become any of the characters So personal inetail Kimberly Karalius is a talented writer and everyone should sit up and take notice of her talent and spark as a wonderful creative writerSomeone better be looking at her other projects This is one writer I want to buy books from and soon I am utterly Hospital Time delighted I got to read one of Kim s tales in tangible form She never ceases to enchant me with her exuisiteetails and characterizations that create worlds which are both familiar and brand new This girl is seriously amazing As is Pocket ForestPay attention ladies and gentlemen Kim s stories are the future Or they better be because I Oodles of Zoo Balloons (Learn to Read with SpongeBob, Level 2, don t want to be a part of a future thatoesn t have her charming stories stocked in every bookstore This book is Brother Enemy downright lovely Only 50 something pages in length POCKET FOREST packs a powerful punch Between ghost houndogs a ramshackle boarding school tucked \blak\ \al-fə bet\ deep into the forest and young Harriet setermination to uncover the secret of the mysterious boy named Stig exercising restraint proved futile My need to know what happened next was only matched by my greed to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Oh! ~~ Lunes, Martes, Miercoles, !O! ~~ A Story in Two Languages drink in the beautiful language Lush prose that lends itself so perfectly to the world of magical realism and title this book reads like the sweetest of fairy tales But of course itoesWith a Chinese Fitness distinct talent for skillfully melding the mundane with the whimsical this book serves as the perfect introduction for those not already familiar with Kimberly Karalius through Figmentcom Be prepared for the unuenchable need for and the yearning to nestle between pages and wholly inhabit the world of Harriet and StigAnd to fellow Karalius fans POCKET FOREST hits the spot like only a Kimberly Karalius book can I might even go so far as to say it s Karalius best work toate If only because it s the first accessible in physical format previous limited editions with DeathPress have since sold out but is now available in Ebook formatShort enough to be read in one sitting I caution readers to sip and savor like you always wished you had when reaching the end of an excellent book. Mporary original fairy tale complete with all the attendant comforts and threats will pull you into the woodlands of the heart After a limited edition print run from Deathless Press this chapbook is now available in ebook form. ,

Pocket ForestPocket Forest was originally published As A Limited Edition Print a limited edition print by Deathless Press My only regret here is that I couldn t get my hands My only regret here is that I couldn t get my hands the chapbook in time because I ve heard that it s beautifully craftedI m somewhat acuainted with the author Kimberly Karalius on the writing website Figmentcom Before I joined I admired her work from afar for a while Kimberly is one of the most popular authors on the site and for good reason She s got a reputation for spinning
some of the 
of the beautiful whimsical stories around that appeal to all ages Her uniue brand of magical realism goes straight to the heartRead the rest of the review at my new book blog The Bandersnatch Society 275 stars out of 5 starsReview to comeNote while I enjoyed this story I would have liked to see certain aspects eveloped The most magical part of the book for me is the fact that it s beautifully crafted and bound by hand the physical book itself was put together with care and love and passion It s a piece of art itself My one complaint besides the occasional typo and missing word hey nobody s perfect And I ve found worse in mass marketed high profile novels was the fact that it seems like I was missing an entire page although the numbering said otherwise One sentence ended at the end of the page however on the next page was the ending of another sentence that had nothing to Material Child do with the one I had just read I know I missed something but at least it was still the same scene WOWIf you re looking for a neat little tale to tickle your senses and give you something to thoroughly enjoy I would absolutely recommend picking up a copy of Pocket Forest I ve lost track of everything around me since I was so entranced by the pure wonder and imagination in this book Easily one of my new favoritesI ve been a huge fan of this author s work since seeing her stories on websites like Figmentcom Kim Karalius is one of those elusive authors who keep yourawn in by her uniue writing style and imagery creating memorable art in storytelling However it s near impossible to find copies of her work unless you go His Convenient Marchioness (Lords at the Altar digging around I couldn t even get a copy of Pocket Forest when they were first released because they sold out in the firstay I guess I m not the only Karalius fan When I was lucky enough to finally get my grubby little paws on this gem uring the second release I was overwhelmed with joyWorth The WaitI absolutely LOVE this book and I can t wait to pick it up again Get to the forest This is the wayKim Karalius has woven a beautifully strange fairytale world rich in imagery and characters that take you on a journey so fantastic you forget that the book is only 50 some pages long I felt immediately familiar with main characters Harriet and Stig like I was being reacuainted with old friends From train stations to boarding schools ioramas and tiny treasures their adventure had me wishing it would never endMore generally speaking one of my favorite parts about POCKET FOREST was the masterful way in which Kim handles the timeline I was swept along through the years without feeling rushed or left behind Broken Promise (Between Worlds despite there being only 50 pages in which to craft such a full story At the end I was left with theistinct feeling that Harriet and Stig would live on behind my back like they had leapt off the page in secret and run away together to Keeping Two, Part 2 discover new and wonderful wo. Since childhood Harriet hasreamed of exploring forests with Stig Hemming the boy lost to her in the frayed bonds of an old family friendship Years later in the wake of losing her mother Harriet finally meets Stig only to When Good People Write Bad Sentences dis. RldsPOCKET FOREST is an absoluteelight to read not to mention a The Miners Wife delight to hold in my hand What a beautiful little book Highly recommend Kimberly Karalius is one author who neverisappoints For those of us who are familiar with her work this piece is nothing short of the masterpiece we re much accustomed to reading It proudly joins the rest of her gems and *UIETLY BECKONS PEOPLE TO PICK IT *beckons people to pick it and read itIt is easy to isregard the length of this story because of how engrossing the writing is One thing that I personally love about her the length of this story because of how engrossing the writing is One thing that I personally love about her is how beautiful it is all the escription and comparison and little Her Hardest Choice details that add vivdness and lushness to the piece The characters are so easy to fall in love with and root for and by the end of the story all you want too is go back to the very beginning and experience the magic over And over And over To any Pocket Forest small enough to fit in your back pocket yes but what Is Literature? and Other Essays don t let itsiminutive size fool you This story and its characters are large with life and creativity and brimming with all the good stuff that makes a story charming and whimsicalI ve been an admirer of Karalius work for some time and was fortunate to Passing the Louisiana LEAP Grade 8 in Science discover her on Figment where she shares herazzling gift with us through prose unlike any I have ever read I first fell hard for her Flour House "and was chomping at the bit to be one of the lucky few to receive Pocket Forest in hard copy form "was chomping at the bit to be one of the lucky few to receive Pocket Forest in hard copy form a lovely little book it is I run the risk of repeating myself but it simply must be said that no one writes the way Karalius Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day does Hers is a mind I imagine is constantly sparking and sparkling with potential and passion I envy her ability to turn every littleetail into something enchanting and also how she manages to invite you into her stories making you feel uite at home in her beautifully odd settings Her writing is uirky and magical and Pocket Forest is no exceptionSpoiler Harriet and Stig Four Men and a Funeral delighted me I was rooting for them the entire time and found myself invested in their respective journeys and euphoric at their imminent collision Harriet felt so very real to me and I especially found a kinship in her fondness for Autumn Stig made me want to get up and cheer for himI eagerly await from this author Pocket Forest by Kimberly Karalius 50%terrific character s 50%A uniue flair of writing A astonishing read At 52 pages this book pulls you in immediately Karalius s writing is beautiful imaginative precise andistinctive The main character s Stig and Harriet were very uniue and were not generic at all which I really liked because Stig and Harriet s story has left a footprint in my mind now At only 52 pages this book is a prime example of how books Slave School do not need to be ridiculously lengthy to be brilliant and spectacular However if they are short stories like this one it needs a very talented writer to pull that off and in this case Karalius has created a very impactful piece of writing which feels like a 325 page novel with a beautiful crafted story at only 52 pages Which is AmazingI rated this 5 stars Pocket Forest is an amazing fairy tale Kimberly Karaliusraws you into a world that Zero Sum Game (Sid Rubin Silicon Alley Adventures, delights and amazes Her style is smooth passing through time effortlessly in such a short work of art Her vividescriptions light up the story and it s like you are right there with Harriet and Stig as they The Daring Escape of the Misfit Menagerie discover themselves their pa. Cover a frightened young man clawing to regain a life no longer his Thearker parts of the forest beckon where ghost The Rhythm of Business dogs patrol a crumbling boarding school and treasure once lost must be snatched back with bravery This conte.

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