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Coma by Lilly ManceThought I had it all lanned out #in my head how the #Story Would Play Out #would Uncommon Wisdom play out I wasleasantly surprised when that was #my head how the story would Unseen City play out so I wasleasantly surprised when that was what happened at all The author took you down the ath and let you believe for a "While That This Was The Final Destination "that this was the final destination easily that I was really leased she didn t just write the story from my headThe those last few ages really had me uestioning the story long after I had finished it and I liked that she left me thinking about it This is not usually the sort of book I read so I did so with some skepticism It was very slow to begin with and the numerous grammatical errors did rather distract me However it is readable and the story was interesting enough for me to continue reading it About two thirds of the way through the book it became uite riveting and I just had to read it to the endI think it would make a great film. Ing a ghost is just as material as being alive But Zack is in a coma in the future and his life could be ended at any momentTogether they'll have to discover if love that transcends space and time is enough or if there’s something to it than meets the eye. This book started out catching my interest even with the numerous typos "Then the last half of the book was completely ridiculous and the "the last half of the book was completely ridiculous and the just ticked me off The story started off uite good I enjoyed the characters Things got a bit off kilter and clunky late in the book however by then I d already lost interest and was in a constant state of grinding my teeth over the horrid editing Or lack of editing I don t think it s been through an edit Typos wrong word usage missing words wrong The Matriarchs (The Family punctuation and discontinuities abound They would be on the bus and then walking to theark instead etc Mop instead of mope was one right at the start and then constantly through the book instead of the slang yup or yep for yes yap was used Very jarringThis appears to be a newer release I REALLY encourage the writer to get it edited It has uite a lot of oten. PROFESSIONALLY EDITED 9202013NEW ADULT PARANORMAL ROMANCE Standalone 84000 wordsZack is a ghost He has no recollection of who he is or why he lacks a body He's not dead of that he's sure As soon as he gets to a certain distance from
he gets snapped bac. ,
Tial I would happily redo this rating and review at that timePS the cover is gorgeous It was definitely different than most YA books It seemed like it took three drastic turns throughout the lot line "However It Did Keep Me Reading For "it did keep me reading for I am not sure if I liked the ending because it is somewhat ambivalent and leaves it open to reader interpretation I have it four stars because of the different nature of the book I wouldn t say this was the best story I ve ever read but it certainly caught my attention and kept me hooked right to the last age I agree with other reviewers that the story could do with someone editing it to correct some of the typo s and such but if you don t let it bog you down this is a good story The characters were created well and were very believable in the story and were in my opinion very likeable When I started it K near herLyra just graduated #But Is Taking A Break #is taking a break further education She's been able to see ghosts all her life but they couldn't see her Till now She's attracted to Zack and annoyed by him at the same time Her world changes when she discovers that be.