Livres Livre Les ignorants Récit d'une initiation croisée Par Étienne Davodeau – shelving–for–

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The Initiates shot Etienne Davodeau to the top of my list of favorite authors and I will definitely be checking out of his books His writing is intimate relatable and manages to hold your attention even Through Personal Anecdotes I Also personal anecdotes I also his drawing style particularly his mix of ink sketching and what looks like watercolor Davodeau somehow evokes so much through his simple palette of blackwhitegrey and he s inspired me to do experimentation with simplicity I m so happy this was translated from the original French and I encourage anyone to check this out Got a bit repetitive about 12 way in But It Was Very Interesting it was very interesting I liked the drawing style Like the premisse of the book suggests this can be appreciated both by wine lovers and BD lovers and a nice chance to initiate oneself in one of the two pleasures A really casual yet extremely enjoyable book that takes you through the processes of comic book drawing and wine making teaching you the basics and iving you some titles and names to start your own personal journey with This is a fascinating nonfiction memoir type of book The author is a comic artist as they are called in France and he #proposes his new idea to his friend who is a vintner Etienne will work in the vineyard #his new idea to his friend who is a vintner Etienne will work in the vineyard learn all about wines and the industry while Etienne will introduce his friend to comics and the whole industry including fan conventions The artwork is beautiful Davodeau is a realist and the drawings are true to life with the change of seasons being shown in his friend Richard Leroy rowing his hair to keep him warm in the fields during winter and the annual shave off as he enters the warm season The book focuses on the author s experiences with his friend learning about the rapes soil harvesting as he works alongside Leroy in the fields Every time they Baby Girl (Erik Ead Trilogy, get together Leroy has bottles of wine for them to taste and he teaches Etienne the art of wine tasting theyo off and visit other vineyards and even attend a large wine show in France The reverse side of this experiment is less of the book. Étienne Davodeau est auteur de bande dessinée il ne sait pas rand chose du monde du vin Richard Leroy est vigneron il n'a uasiment jamais lu de bande dessinéeMais ces deux là sont pleins de bonne volonté et de curiosité Pouruoi choisit on de consacrer sa vie à écrire et dessiner des livres ou à produire du vin Comment et pou. .

Les ignorants Récit d'une initiation croiséeS and making wine raising fermenting bottling #and distributing to drinkers Each is a job that can be easily misunderstood Each is form #distributing to drinkers Each is a job that can be easily misunderstood Each is a form which many people fail to recognize as art Each is practiced by an assortment of masters mediocrities and eccentrics not even their peers can understand Each has its own arcane practices and occult jargon incomprehensible to the unititiatedThere are obvious parallels between reading raphic novels and drinking wine Some people enjoy them in prudent moderation while others become obsessives who allow something meant to enrich their lives to take over their lives Some people despise anyone who has anything to do with them using respectively the slurs subliterate and drunkardEtienne Davodeau and Richard Leroy don t really exchange jobs as the subtitle claims Rather they exchange insights into their jobs Etienne shows Richard his drafting tools and takes him to the editorial offices and the printing press where his uniue art is turned into a mass product Richard puts Etienne to work pruning vines and draws samples from his barrels to show him how fermenting wine progresses towards the form in which it will be bottledRichard offers Etienne tastes of Poulsards and Chardonnays while Etienne showers Richard with Art Spiegelman and Alan MooreI m amused by the fact that the English title The Initiates stands opposite to the original French title Les Ignorants but at the same time the underlying principle is the same Rather the way that the English word mammal compares with its German euivalent S ugetier The one means milk producer while the other means milk drinker Etienne and Richard both nourish and they both are nourished Reading this book you will be nourished and it will be up to you to nourish others with your own talent and labor For those who love wine and comics this is your book Davodeau spent a year with a winemaker and not just any winemaker one who is purely organic and sulphur free The vigneron learns about comics and the comic book writer learns about wine making A wonderful boo. Ns passionnés par leur métierÉtienne Davodeau fait le pari u'il existe autant de façons de réaliser un livre u'il en existe de produire du vin Il fait le constat ue l'un et l'autre ont ce pouvoir nécessaire et précieux de rapprocher les êtres humainsC'est le joyeux récit d'une initiation croisée ue vous propose les Ignorants.


But still enough to prove insightful Leroy has hardly ever read a comic and Etienne keeps him supplied with the best of the best Now most of these are French books I ve not heard of but there were a few such as Watchmen and Mause in there as well Leroy is taken to the printers the publishers a comic con and off to visit some famous French illustrators My favourite part here was their meeting with Emmanuel Guibert authorillustrator of The Photographer A favourite of mine They also met with a few of the actual people who participated in that true life story This is a slow meandering story that simply tells an interesting not exciting tale of two men discovering there is to life than their own personal obsessions but also etting to share their obsession with someone who enuinely wants to learn I myself moved to wine country about 8 years ago and all the insider information will certainly improve my wine experiences 6 Stars its awesome I want to drink Richard s wines This was a complete surprise I picked it up at the library thought it sounded OK for someone who loves both wine and BD and I loved it Wise and witty words about the world of publishing and illustration and the world of vineyards a vivacious exchange of ideas sometimes confrontational two adorable strong headed main characters and simple drawings that Brainwashing of the German Nation give you room to breathe and enjoy I knew I wasoing to like this book but I just fell into it from page 1 Wonderful Christmas present from my sweetie chosen from the many books I have on my Food Wine wish listFirst published in France in 2011 a pb edition is finally available here in the US in late 2018 Much detail oes into The Grueling Tasks Of What grueling tasks of what TO BE DONE WITH THE VINEYARD TO MAKE #to *be done with the vineyard to make vintage Lighter on the bottling process Also nice detail on the comic publishing industry *done with the vineyard to make vintage Lighter on the bottling process Also nice detail on the comic publishing industry ood discussion of the artistry of wine and illustrated novels The importance of involvement in the process of bot There are obvious parallels between making Vögeln ist schön: Die Sexrevolte von 1968 und was von ihr bleibt graphic novels writing drawing printing and distributing to reader. R ui les fait onPendant plus d'une année pour répondre à ces uestions Étienne est allé travailler dans les vignes et dans la cave de Richard leuel en retour s'est plongé dans le monde de la bande dessinée Ils ont ouvert de nombreuses bouteilles et lu pas mal de livres Ils se sont baladés à la rencontre d'auteurs et de vignero.