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Trongly recommend it I know I know I m a bit too late with my xcitement and my new discovery of a FCKING ADORABLE COUPLE But better too late then never rightSoA late reading has it s advantages alsoI knew already before the reading That it is one of the best MM series we haveThat it is one of the best MM couples we haveI just need to addJosh Lanyon is one of the best MM writers EVERI LOVE his writing LOVE IT Do I need to say I ask myself WHY FGS have I waited so long to start with the seriesAnd the answer is very simple It is like a dessert We THE BASEMENT Meditations on a Human Sacrifice eat it at thend of a a threefiveseven course menu It is my dessert now So Well done LenaAnd nowduring all of youpoor poor friendshave to search for a right bookget xasperated with disappointed instalments of other serieshoping to find something valuablesomewhat 2015 After an mbarrassing number of rereads I ve decided to up my rating from 3 to 5 stars for the first book because I can t view this book separately from the rest of this fantastic series any anyway So there 2013Isn t it nice to root for a male lead who is such an adorable cookie The 32 year old Adrien runs a little bookshop in LA Getting his hands on rare detectives makes his heart beat faster ah the Learning English/Learning America effect books can have on us book nerds Speaking of Adrien s heart it does tend to over accelerate whenever he gets into a frenzy a souvenir from a brush with asthmatic fever And lately Adrien gets into frenzies a lot You see his high school friend andmployee suddenly gets brutally murdered Everything seems to point at a hate crime And if that isn t terrifying Remember the Bridge enough the cops apparently want to frame Adrien for the murder The fact that he receives roses with threatening cards and creepy phone calls doesn t prove a thing to them He s probably just another hysterical ho mo sex ual Worse Adrien also decides to give dating a shot again after an abstinence of 8 monthsIt hardly comes as a surprise that all goes wrong horribly wrong Fatal Shadows was such annjoyable charming read I haven t come across this dry sense of humor in a while In terms of blazing intensity and sizzling hotness this one doesn t leave much of an impression though The suspense was Hand Lettering Workbook: A Premium Beginners Practice Hand Lettering Book Introduction to Lettering Modern Calligraphy entirely by the book as well meaning that you mustn txpect شاهنامه فردوسی از دستنویس موزه فلورانس exciting plot twists or shocking turns ofvents In fact if you re all about well plotted mysteries you will probably find this one dull I usually don t find out who the murderer is until I m slapped in the face with Dark Alpha's Hunger (Reapers) evidence butven I immediately picked the culprit Oh well despite the rather forgettable mystery Wild Obsession (Wild, elements Lanyon makes sureverything runs smoothly is uite amusing book 2 really brings the witty one liners and Adrien s potential love interest seems both promising and deliciously complicated A Dangerous Thing here I come OMG The very first Lanyon mystery I stayed away from that series for a very long time The X-Cure even though I ve been a huge Lanyon fan for several years simply because I m usually too lazy to start a series that consists of so many novels Finally giving myself a shove and reading this veryarly Lanyon where people still held phone receivers in their hands that were considered modern if they had a caller ID display I noticed once again what I love about Josh Lanyon s work A hot but complicated law nforcement character who may may "Not Be Gay And Be "be gay and be love interest poor Adrien English who is the lead MC in the novelI liked Adrien although he is the typical gay damsel in distress that we find in so many gay crime mysteries He s a trust fund baby who bought his own book store simply to give his life a purpose and is hoping to one day make it as a mystery author Together with a group of friends he discusses books chapters they wrote and simply bitches about life and love or lack thereofOne of these friends is his college mate Robert a promiscuous gay guy who scaped his marriage and moved to West Hollywood to sleep through many beds while Double Dare (Naughty Games, earning his money as Adrien s book shop assistant Rob is dead though Killed in the backyard of his apartmentThe policespecially Detective Riordan and his partner are not a big help in relieving Adrien s fear that a serial killer might be on the loose It takes another dead body before Adrien can convince anybody that something fishy is going on I counted up to 5 side characters who could have been the killer and I admit I went for the one who didn t want to work on full moon nights But he might just have been a satanist or werewolf so nice diversion LOLI found Adrien a bit on the weak side which is natural given his medical condition so I hope that the next books will have him react to someone challenging Jake to give his boring life the spice it needs hoping he doesn t have to sleep with Perfect Bread every murderer psychopath or maniac that crosses his path I m keeping my fingers crossed for you pal5 stars for this awesome mystery that obviouslystablished one of the most prominent gay characters in mm fiction A mystery with almost no romance whatsoever and very little sex content For me Oy this book was so not my thing in theory But I surprisingly Wounds of Attachment enjoyed it and the promise of what s to come is making me itch for I think the fact that this was anxcellent audiobook really helped its case In fact it is well worth Ley following a loud and very public argument with Adrien the previous veningNaturally the cops want to ask Adrien a few uestions; they are none too impressed with his answers and when a few hours. Five stars for being ffortless and ntertaining "slyly funny and utterly charming This is true comfort reading Adrien is our amusing gay antihero a "funny and utterly charming This is true comfort reading Adrien is our amusing gay antihero a guy who owns a bookstore that specializes in mystery novels He s also a murder suspect Policemen Chan and Riordan arrive on page one to uestion Adrien about the murder of his childhood friend and mployee The mystery isn t terribly complicated yet it s still Code Word Storm (ACRO, engaging I was never certain of the identity of the killer and once it was revealed I found himher sympatheticven till the The Long Tomorrow end Because killers are just misunderstood right They just need a little loveOne thing that struck me as odd was the sudden affection for Adrien that Riordan showed at thend If I hadn t already been aware of the love story that fondness would ve come out of left field The two men certainly interacted Flying Saucer Aircraft enough but there wasn t much relationship building and I don t know Riordan s character well at this pointStill that single baby got my heart started It illustrates the power ofvery word نقوش في جدران الثلاثين - الجزء الثاني every sentence A short novel like this can have as much sway over a reader as anypic For a straightforward book the writing is uniue and never boring I found myself laughing at the random humor The Farmers Dog every other page and overallnjoying myselfFatal Shadows delivered a slow The Claw easy seduction so complete it left me mystified at thend And ready for I m writing this review after finishing the Fools entire series I have to say I went back and ratedvery single book 5 stars What can I say this series has officially joined my all time favorites Adrien and Riordan making it into my most favorite couples Forever These books might not have such complicated mysteries and for some people they might drag a little but after finishing the Capture the Flag entire series I don t have the heart to give anything less than 5 stars and I can txactly rate ach book separately since the romantic relationships develops in stages and reaches completion at the nd of the seriesI seriously don t understand why I waited so long to read these books After finishing the series I tried to immediately start another book from Josh Lanyon but I simply couldn t bring myself to say goodbye to Adrien and Jake Book hangover It s real peopleI White Cat (Curse Workers, ended up rereading thentire series instead Actually I reread the parts that my favorite boys are interacting since I already knew the mystery My main complaint is that I haven t had Schizo enough of these two I seriously want another book A 6th book There wasn t nearlynough I wanted a lot to happen between Adrien and Riordan Then again the suspense the constant wondering and worrying over their relationship while I was reading this series was very uniue and I It Still Begins with Ayn Rand enjoyedvery second of it No wonder I am addictedI really njoyed This First Book It Got first book It got hooked after all I was patient while reading this book regarding the romance I was really curious to see how these two connect considering their personalities and how they met ach other What immediately captivated me was Adrien himself I love him so much and I really Serenade for My Baby - Love enjoyed reading the story from hisyes He is smart stubborn witty and kind He is such a beautiful soul He has a uniue sense of humor and the way he deals with Ciaphas Cain everything that life throws his way is simply amazing and moving Despite being judged by many people during most of hisntire life he judges no one and does not hesitate to lend a helping hand This world needs human beings like himThen there is Jake Riordan He is an Intermediate Persian eually captivating character He is a selfish jerk in certain parts of the series and he knows that but he is the kind of jerk that does things for his loved ones that no other soul isver willing to do and that s why his selfish actions can cause serious damage People we love are the ones we should fear since only they have the ability to hurt us the most Jake cares for Adrien in a way that no one Make your own model forts castles else can since he understands Adrien the way no onelse does I love him I love Enslaved - Puppy Boys In Training everything about him and I know some people think he is too selfish and Adrien deserves someone better but I understand why Jake acts the way he does and I can t blame him when I consider his circumstances Who knows what I might have done in his place I also understand whyveryone Music in Art else blurs in Adrien s vision when Jake is present His physical presence is overwhelming and there is a delicious tension when he and Adrien are in the same room He is a complicated flawed character and Injoyed rereading the series East Into Yesterday (Jeff Anderson even since this time I actually knew what was going on in his head inach scene It s amazing how his smallest gestures countIn my opinion Jake and Adrien are perfect for Lighthouses 2018 Calendar: Vintage Images circa 1900 each other and I seriously can t getnough of them They are MADE for The Highlanders Little Lass (Little History each other The way they switch from flirting to hostility and back again the way they constantly bicker and get onach others nerves and the way they reveal their deep love for The Burnouts (Quarantine, each other with small gestures and words is simply perfectThe writing is wonderful I m officially a Lanyon fan I plan to read all his books His supporting characters are also very uniue and strong andasy to become fond of and the crime stories are nice Listen! enough to captivate the readerAt thend the Adrien English series is a must read if you are into mm novels and I One sunny morning Los Angeles bookseller and aspiring mystery author Adrien English opens his front door to murder His old high school buddy and mployee has been found stabbed to death in a back al.

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Ontinuing with the series just to hear Chris Patton speakAll in all a promising start to a series I will hopefully come to love I love a good murdermystery I specially like them when I solve it first but not so uickly that I am annoyed at the characters for not getting it It helps that I suspect Wild Child everyone when I read these thingsxcept for the obvious person They never do it That was also what I loved about the main character He s the kind of person that most people could relate to He wonders about Beowulf And The Illusion Of History everyone he comes across I can t help but like someone that suspicious and yet normal while still being just a bit neurotic Of course with covid and uarantine crazy going around I don t think there is a person alive out there who isn t neurotic these days Or just outright crazy I mean the people I used to know are long gone replaced by nut jobs who are grown adults tik tokking or conspiracy theorizing or day drinking and posting rants on facebook It s been fun watching them catch up with me who was in the past consideredccentric Now I m the normal one hahahahaOh yeah and fat Everyone s fat now hahahahahaThis book starts with our hero Adrien being visited in the Русская психатака. Записки в стиле psychobilly early morning by police detectives to tell him that his best friend was murdered the night before They are asking him a ton of uestions and it doesn t take too long for him to realize that they think he is the murdererWell thevidence is pretty clear He s an White Apples and the Taste of Stone evil geniusNot only that but when it becomes obvious that the killer is now looking at Adrien the police don t really believe him They think hisvil genius mind is trying to throw them off the track Adrien does do a few uestionable things while junior sleuthing but it didn t annoy me I guess after reading so many mystery books I finally realized that they would be pretty boring if the hero or heroine just sat back and let the police do their jobs Lol It would be like them just doing their The Named (Guardians of Time, everyday life stuff and maybe hearing a year down the road that an arrest was made Maybe not the mostxciting book material So get out there and do your thing Adrien I ll keep readingFor anyone who read the book this one if for Riordan wink wink Re readagainAfter re reading this one yet again I figured it was time to finally write a review for it as well I also changed my rating I normally don t do this but I have re read and Terreur dans l'Hexagone: Gense du djihad franais enjoyed this series so many times already that a higher rating is definitely deserved That said this first book is my least favorite of this series This is usually the case for me when I start a series because the first book is always of an introduction into the series The second reason that this is my least favorite is the lack of romance and steam in this one I can do without the heavy steambut I do love my romanceThis is a mystery series though and I am a big sucker for mysteries Alsosince I have readvery single book in this series already I can tell you not to worry because the romance will comeand so will the frustration and angstNow about "The StoryAdrien 32 Is A Smart And Very Witty Bookstore "storyAdrien 32 is a smart and very witty bookstore and writer he writes crime novels He is also an amateur sleuth All in all he is a big geek I myself absolutely adore Adrienhe is awesome He Is Also Uite Sick He Suffers From A Heart Condition also uite sick he suffers from a heart condition since he has asthmatic fever when he was young He suffers many symptoms which get worse when he gets upset or World War 3 excitedSo when his best friend andmployee is murdered leaving him as a suspect it does cause a bit of a strain on his already damaged heart The big blonde cop investigating said murder causes a bigger strain thoughJake is what you would call a big sexy intimidating and homophobic homicide detective Jake was uite an asshole at times and I would love to say that his jerky behavior is very fleeting but it s not I wanted to punch him in the throat many many times very fleeting but it s not I wanted to punch him in the throat many many times this series PLike I said beforethere isn t much of a relationship in this book It Hire Me, Hollywood! ends with a very little hint at one though For methis was all I needed to want Definitely one of my favorite MM series I m surprised by how much I liked this It was slow and it dragged a little and the mystery was a bit sloppy and the villain was meh and Adrien s inner monologue could be irritating if you let itBut still I can t describe how much I loved the writing I now understand why some people claim they would read the telephone directory if a certain author wrote it Well when it comes to mm crimemysteryromantic suspense I ll read whatever Lanyon writesAnd by the way Detective Riordan Oh Detective Riordan So little page time so little dialog and yet you wereasily the most captivating character in the novel I can t wait to read about you 5 April 2019 Buddy re readJust as good as the first 2 timesLoved it Adrien is an amazing character As for Jake well he still frustrates meThe writing is solid The backyard was vaguely familiar like so many yards out of my Southern California childhood There was a cactus garden in the center of the patio which featured a built in barbecue In the jungle of weeds stood a rusted swing set gilded in moonlight I could make out the roof of an mpty dog house behind tufts of dead ornamental grass I probably read this again just to read the two words that started it all Okay baby. Later someone breaks into Adrien's shop and ransacks it the law is inclined to think Adrien is trying to divert suspicion from himselfAdrien knows better Adrien knows he is next on the killer's list. Fatal Shadows

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