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And this book elaborated on the real treatment these women endured What a shameful and miserable existence the war brought I know they never recovered fully from their torture It is difficult to find the right words Of course Penny Starns presents the story very well with wonderful background into Margot and early nursing training However how does one rate the story itself Unimaginable suffering deprivation and inhumanity Awe inspiring courage determination and compassion As a soldier who has seen active service I have to say I do not know if I could have sustained as Margot and the others with her did If however I did find myself in such unfortunate circumstances it would be the memory and insperation of such people that I would draw upon A true story of one British nurse who survived "WWII and imprisonment by the Japanese and went on to a "and imprisonment by the Japanese and went on to a career as a military nurse A very good history of military nursing and of a remarkable woma. N this the first biography for forty years Penny Starns describes the often horrific but occasionally heart warming experiences of this unbreakable woman who not content with surviving the war went on to become Brigadier and chief of the British army nursing services Using recently released material from teh National Archives and Turner's own words Starns re analyses the Pacific conflict a backdrop of person's incredible fortitude and strength and brings the story of a remarkable a backdrop of one person's incredible fortitude and strength and brings the story of a remarkable to li.

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 Surviving Tenko: The Story Of Margot TurnerBasic information on the deprivations and effects Lacking so much detail it was
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reading a history Astonishingly it s hard to empathise with this undoubtedly brave survivor but there s simply no emotion whatsoever Have yet to read this book only ust received However looking forward to doing so I had the privilege of meeting Dame Margot Turner years ago such a gracious and kind lady Forget reality TV stars and so called celebrities Dame Margot was an extremely brave lady how she and others survived the war as prisoners of the Japanese I do not know I am glad I read the book I had watched the television series Tenko and it was great to read an actual account of someone who experienced this time in history This was informational but all entertaining in that it kept your interest as you were reading Margot was a strong women and this book did a good The Undoing of a Libertine job presenting her life story Well worth the purchase Having recently watche. The dramatic tale of Margot Turner's survival of internment in the notorious Palembangail during the Pacific conflict of the Second World War inspired the 1980s television series Tenko The cargo ship on which she was evacuated from Singapore in 1942 was shelled leaving her on a makeshift raft with sixteen other survivors One by one they perished leaving her alone burnt black by the sun and "Suffering From Heat Exhaustion "from heat exhaustion dehydration Discovered by a Japanese destroyer she was imprisoned on Banka Isl. D the Tenko series I was looking for documentation of the events This book provides what I was looking for This was a book that I found at times hard to believe that any one could survive and come out of this and thrivemargot turner story was unbelievableshe was a women of strong will and love for life every women should read this amazing life story as soon as l received this book l ust had to read it being an ex member of the ARANC makes it even interesting l had read the other book on her service with the army and this "one did not disappoint in any way would " did not disappoint in any way would reading for all who are interested in nursing and the war years and how life during these years played such an important part in her in her years after Bought as a gift For my dad who grew up in a Japanese POW camp in the early 1940 sIt s a well researched book in depth overall "A Great Read Great Story Of The War S Forgotten "great read great story of the war s forgotten I saw the made for TV movie Tenko. And and nursed back to health by the nuns of a charitas hospital A nurse by profession Margot was initially permitted to help run the operating theatre on her recovery when unexpectedly she was arrested by the dreaded Kempeitai and thrown into Palembang ail There crammed with murderers and rapists in a filthy cell she spent six months living in daily fear of oining the many prisoners who a filthy cell she spent six months living in daily fear of oining the many prisoners who noisily tortured and executed before being returned to the prisoner of war camps for the duration of the war

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